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Martha Stuart, I am not…

Well, another Christmas has come and gone at the Bahr household. Family members are returning home and the kids are playing with playdough and coloring in their new coloring books.  Even at 16 and 14, both girls still cannot resist the lure of new toys!

I know you’ve all so many stories to tell, pics to share and I can’t wait for them to start rolling into my reader. For now, I thought I’d share with you a few of my own.


My hubbie so wanted this Christmas to be special. He worked extra hard on decorating our scrawny home-grown Christmas tree we plucked from the yard. Delicate, like lace, the limbs could barely stand the weight of a simple ornament. Not to fear – he used some wire to support those tiny twigs. I told him he should’ve used a blankie – like Linus in Charlie Brown’s Christmas. He turned that pathetic tree into an amazing piece of glory with just a little love!

I was treated with a blank stare.

What? Geesh, I was just trying to be helpful…

He also wanted sugar cookies – the kind you roll out and cut into shapes. Grand and glorious plans that man had in mind. And so, ever the dutiful wife, I somewhat followed a recipe, stuck the dough in the fridge thinking it seemed a bit tough… Alas, something when terribly wrong and the whole caboodle ended up in the garbage.

I was treated with a  disappointed sigh.

What? I used a recipe! Kinda…

My kids know I make a tasty pie, if not a bit… well, un-uniformly. I run out of patience when it comes to crimping that silly edge and the top? Who cares if the basket weave is perfect and the lattice cut in equal lengths? They eat it anyways! And I tell them as such. Now they call them “Mom’s ugly pies…”

No photos – these things are just TOO ugly…


And don’t get me started on wrapping. I hate wrapping. For whatever reason, I end up doing the bulk of it. Ah, but payback came this year when I messed up and wrapped my hubbie’s and the girls socks together. Oops! And so, I embrace my hatred and wrap things as I feel like. Like this beauty – our nephew’s new fishing pole. See the reel?

Martha Stuart really has nothing to worry about. I won’t be replacing her any time soon.


For those of you who were alone this holiday – I felt a special connection. Here is the candle I lit just for you. I hope you found some joyful moments….



My love to all of you-


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everywhere you go….



snow? love this stuff – can’t get enough!!!


snow? crap. Let me go inside, will ya? I’m freezin my tuckus off out here…

More snow yesterday has left my car looking like a marshmallow. The dogs love this stuff, the kids, too. I’m just glad to have a white Christmas!

So, here again, for those that won’t are more pics of this silly land I call home.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays everyone.

Stay safe. Stay well. Know you are in my thoughts.


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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Yesterday began with snow, then the wind picked up, knocked out power for hours and finished with torrential rains. No wonder I was in a funk! Now another storm’s here, bringing back the snow in abundance.

A white Christmas?  Looks that way.

So for those of you who won’t – let me share. I’d ship you a snowball if I could…




My best to all of you! Wishing you the best holiday, the merriest Christmas full of good health and cheer.



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Operation Christmas Lights…

Christmas is a time for joy, right? For wrapping, baking, the simple things? So why do I always dread these tasks?

Maybe it’s because by the time the house is cleaned and ready for decorating, I’m pooped. By the time I get home from work and the dishes are done and dinner’s cooking, I’m ready for a nap…

Sad to think how much of the holidays are often just about survival.

Much of the decorating has shifted to my two daughter’s shoulders – and I’m glad for it. Glad they’ve taken on hanging the lights outside and locating the perfect tree from our woods. I should feel… guilty? Bad? Rotten? Instead, I feel relief.

It started a few years back.

“When are we going to hang the lights, Mom?”

A simple question with a simple answer.


“But it’s the week before Christmas.”

My argument fell on disgusted ears. And so, they took it upon themselves and hatched a plan. One their father and I wouldn’t discover until the next morning.

Off to bed they went with nearly a whine. I should’ve known something was up, but I was just too tired to notice.

While my husband and I sat all cozy in our rocking chairs watching Survivor, our two wee ones were in their rooms prepping for Operation Christmas Lights.

They’d hang the lights on the front porch by themselves.  A great plan, except they realized they couldn’t get to the mud room without us hearing. No coats or mittens? No problem. They loaded on layers of sweaters till they looked like Santa himself. For mittens, they improvised and used socks.

Then they’d sneak out the bedroom door, plow through waist-high snow and hang the lights. If you knew where we lived; how dark it gets at night; how scary the woods are that close in around this house…. brrrrr…… I rarely wander outside after dark and here they were tackling the decorating alone and in the cold…

We didn’t discover their surprise until the next day. Both girls wore early with massive grins and poorly concealed giggles. Both tried to appear nonchalant as they casually asked if we’d looked outside yet.

Imagine our astonishment when we discovered those lights, strung from high rafters, looping around posts and framing the door.

No longer could they contain the giggles; they burst out laughing and explained the entire operation.

“We could peek in and see you in your rockers.”

“Yeah,” added the oldest, “we kept trying to be quiet – but you never turned around.”

A new tradition has begun for our family. Though they don’t have to sneak out, the kids still are in charge of decorating the front porch.

Sarah took it on this year alone. Her sister simply wasn’t in the mood.

And so I leave for you a picture of her endeavors, her project, her joy.


Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays to you all.

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sliding down the mountain road…

Ah, to wake to the vision of fresh fallen snow. To see each branch highlighted in threads woven of white…

To shovel and scrape off a windshield and fight to get into your car only to slip and slide down the mountain road…


It’s begun. An Alberta clipper came charging through last night and buried us under feet of snow. Okay, I’m exaggerating. More like 5 inches. Still, it’s enough to send cars careening off the road, as my family would attest last night when they were caught driving in it. At least they all got home safe.

And now it’s cold. 10 degrees of shivering, arctic air has settled in.

But not to worry.

Apparently, it’ll be 50 by Monday.

Go figure that some Vermonter’s are a bit off in the head.

So, for those of you who will be enjoying a green Christmas or holiday season, I’ll leave you with these pics which I snapped with frigid little fingers.




Stay warm and safe!


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