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of painted dragons and good music…

Thanks for letting me indulge, dear cyber-friends. When my vertigo spiked yesterday, I knew it was time to unplug. Too many images of desperation. To many cries for help. And here I was, powerless to do anything.

I said I would paint and I did. Been working all summer with a dear friend, Karen Sturdevant to illustrate her wonderful picture book called “Gert and Stu and Zippy, too.” Love that she’s having it published. Admire her for her perseverance and dedication to editing and making it the best story it could be. I’ll let you know when it’s finally in print form…

What a delight for me, to turn off pain and tune into the sweet world she’s created. I asked her this morning if I could share an illustration and she agreed. So, here is but one of many drawings…


As to the music I listened to, I thought I’d plug my boy, JR Richards formerly of Dishwalla (alas, they are no more). Their big hit in the late ’90s is called  “Counting Blue Cars,” a wonderful rocky tune with such famous lyrics as “Tell me all your thoughts on God, ’cause I’d really like to meet her.”

If you want to check out more Dishwalla tunes, make sure you download their song, “Home”.

This is one band that sounds even better live! So, if you want to be moved to goosebumps, you can download “Angels or Devils” off their album “Live From the Flow State”. If you want to rock out and embarrass every teenager in a ten-mile radius, download “Mad Life,” “Moisture” and “Somewhere in the Middle” (again, from the live album). To further their embarrassment, you can do what I do… ask your kids to take the dishes out of the “dishwalla.”

If you want a moment of peace and pure joy, go get yourself one more tune from this awesome band. “Until I wake Up” from their album “So you think you know what life’s about”.

Here’s to you, JR. You rock my menopausal world.


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of art doodles and versatile awards…

Writing has sprung from nowhere and taken me completely by surprise. Ask any loved one who lives at a distance and they’ll confirm – yup, Sue never wrote back. My brother, Dan, when he entered the Air Force sent countless letters packed with funny, sometimes silly jokes and stories of his life away from Vermont and did I respond? Ask him. He’ll tell you – just enough to keep him from being pissed off, not nearly enough to satisfy.

I suppose it came from a fear deep inside – look how permanent those words are! What if someone takes them the wrong way? What if I say something so stupid it ends up on the internet and goes viral…

Hey, I can just hear the teenager on the subway say to his neighbor, check this out. Can you imagine writing something so dumb?

A writer I’ve been for the past four years. An artist I’ve been my entire life. There I’ve always found freedom of expression. The picture either works or doesn’t and it matters not one whit whether the viewer understands or agrees or hates it. It simply exists. I suppose that could be true of writing, but the skeptic in me would disagree.

So when a lovely friend, Denise over at nominated me for this award:


I’ve decided to make my illustrations a permanent piece of the web, to share and let you in on one of the things I treasure most in my life- my art. Some are pastels, others watercolor, most are samples I created for my illustration portfolio, none of which landed me one job as a children’s book illustrator until now… Now I’m illustrating my first picture book for a dear friend, Karen. I’ll let you know when the book’s done. It’s sweet and wonderful and well-written.

But I digress and onto business. The pictures first. Please keep reading for at the end I shall let you know my nominations and the coveted 7 things about Susan (like this isn’t enough!)

Please don’t be too harsh…

My youngest girl, just a few years back. Done in watercolor and yes, I have her permission to post this…

a sample for a children’s magazine cover. Alas, twas not good enough…

another sample for my portfolio. Done in watercolor.

another cover illustration sample. watercolor with color pencil overlay.

cover to my handcrafted (that’s uppity for self-produced) book, Hodge Podge Lane. acrylic on watercolor paper

this looks a bit funky, but it’s a two page spread. Yup, that’s me doing stupid stuff. Watercolor

an example of my “fine” art. Series of pastel woman. And yes, that’s my reflection in case you’re wondering. Too lazy to take the art out of the frame…

A self-portait. Alas, I don’t own this one anymore…

a sample illustration, this one done in pastel…

I won’t bore you anymore…

Now, onto the nominations… I think I’m supposed to nominate 7, but I’m only doing 3. Not to leave anyone out, but I only follow a handful of blogs and I’ve already nominated most of them and I know how much work it is to accept these awards (gratifying, too!) and… well. I’m only doing 3. So there.

to Eunice at  A fellow New Englander with a gift for words and photography. Wonderful treasures you’ll find there…

Now, onto 7 things about moi…

1) I’m supposed to be working on illustrations for Karen.

2) I’m about to work on illustrations for Karen (I promise, Karen!)

3) All images are copyrighted by said artist, that being, me, which leads me to #4

4) I hate having to say #3

5) It’s cool here and I have to start the fire in the wood stove

6) I’m about to start said-mentioned fire

7) I am a closet artist no more.

Thanks for visiting and please know, I’d nominate the following if wordpress would let me follow, like or comment on the following blogs:

lexisnana at – for her reflections on family life. Please tell her I said “Hello” and loved her latest post on her daughter in the Navy. Broke my heart how she misses her girl. Love how proud she is of her, too. Couldn’t leave a comment – not this time anyway. – incredible writing. Incredible.

And finally, I enjoy all the blogs I follow. Please take a moment, fix a cup of tea and check them out!

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