Sue’s news…


Well, just thought I’d take a sec and say hello and catch you up on Sue’s news. You may have noticed my sporadic presence – in part because we are between internet providers at least for another week. Yup, life is SO much fun with two teens and no internet at home… But more has kept me away.

I’ve mentioned before that I brought my mom home this summer while trying to place her in an assisted care facility. She wasn’t able to manage her medications or her diabetes on her own any longer. Two weeks ago though, her health began slipping. I couldn’t figure out why she was so tired all the time so we took her for some blood tests. The results were immediate and disastrous.

Acute leukemia. Get to the hospital. There’s a bed waiting for you right now.

Just how in hell had that happened?

Two of my brothers and I spent the better part of that week trying to figure out what we were supposed to do. When day three rolled around and the doctors started using the words “palliative care” and “terminal”- reality hit home. My beautiful mom was dying.

It hurt, telling mom she could never go back to her apartment. It broke my heart to tell her she couldn’t come home with me. Mom just smiled, squeezed my hand and told me she understood.

She was giving comfort to me!

Mom’s in hospice care now and fading a bit every day. We had 5 or 6 great days with her. Days of her smiles and words of comfort and reflection in a place she loves. It’s a relief to be her daughter again and let someone else worry for every cough and sneeze.

So, you haven’t seen much of Sue because she’s living through hell right now. In truth, 2013 has sucked for my family. This will make death number 3. You’ll see me again and soon I hope. Full of stupid jokes and smiling as I share some quirky bit of nonsense. In the meantime, I’m wishing for all of you love and comfort, joy and peace. And please know, I may not have a chance to read your posts or respond for a while.

But I am thinking of you,


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One year ago from today…


Wow. Has it really been that long?

One year ago I opened my first wordpress site and what a wonderful journey it’s been. For those of you I follow and those that follow me, please let me give you a warm on-line hug and tell you how much you’ve meant to me. Thank you for all the comments, the words of commiseration and support. Thanks for laughing at my stupid jokes and liking my silly stories. Thank you for coming back, when I’ve been a wayward friend.

Thank you, too, for sharing your stories, your ideas and journeys. I’ve enjoyed reading your poetry, posts, and ogling over your pics. I feel like I made some cherished friends. If only I were rich and could travel the world to bring that hug directly to you.

It’s been a difficult few months for Sue, with family loss in April and bringing my mom home in June. It’s been tough taking care of a proud, feisty, lady that doesn’t want to be dependent on another for care. I know it’s been hard on her, too, being uprooted from her apartment and living in limbo until we get her settled.

But I can’t complain. I won’t. I love her too much.

I’ll end this quickie post with a little pic of a spider web trapping some rain and some of my favorite pics from the past year.

I hope you all know how much you all mean to me.





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Call me crazy…

How pathetic is it that when I finally return to wordpress, I write about the weather? Sorry to be gone for so long, but my little fingers have been hard at work, trying to finish a draft of “Fairless” before mid-August. Call me crazy, but having set an ambitious goal is working for me…. 6,000 words done yesterday alone.

I guess it also works because my life in general is so trying? Difficult? Challenging. Let’s go with that. Not sucky at all.

Moved my mom home recently to help her with her daily life. It’s been wonderful having her close by, and good to see her responding to regular care.

Got two restless teenagers, who are sick of being housebound (did I mention I picked up hours for the summer?)

And last, the weather. Let’s just say it is sucky.

Everything’s wet. Our house, our dog (don’t ya just love the aroma of fresh skunk? Yup, Bella got hit three days ago), everything is soggy and soaked through. The lawn is spongy and I’m sick of the rain.

So, what’s a person who’s tired of typing, generally crabby at everyone and everything to do?

Why, share a pic or two. They say it’s worth a thousand words. So… hope you enjoy!



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How sad is this?

So, I’ve been a slave to my computer – both at work and at home. Sometimes, the last thing I want to do is sit down and write a post. Sorry! Just saying…

Still, I’ve been able to read other’s wonderful posts and I’m glad that I’ve been able to keep up with that part of blogging.  I guess it’s time to make a confession, though.

I’m a Temple Run II addict.

I know, I know, it’s a “kids” game. Adults are NOT supposed to play it on their smartie phones. But, isn’t that what makes it so much more fun?

Okay. I have another confession. I’m terrible at Temple Run.

Yup, my poor little character has been fried, gobbled up, smashed into walls and launched off cliffs too many times to count. So, when he recently tossed himself over the cliff and kept on running – you know like on Bugs Bunny? my daughter hurried to help me snap a screen shot.


My favorite part is the “save me!”

Turns out McKenna has had the same experience. Only hers kept running in space until she was a little dot on the horizon.


See? Isn’t that a hoot?

The lousy part is this last picture. Another screen shot taken by the very same little Miss McKenna. See her score?


No, you don’t need to know my top score. Let’s just say mine is missing a bunch of zeros.

A whole bunch of zeros.


Where’d I put my smart phone?

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What’s Sue been up to…

Just thought I’d let you know I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. Not yet, anyways.

As I mentioned before – did I mention before?- I joined an online critique group and have been crafting away on my historical novel. What a great experience… all that feedback, the slashing and cutting and ripping has made me a different person.

I now have thick skin.

Go figure?

When I began back in March, I was SO nervous. Critiquing other people’s work seemed easy-breezy. What a blast, telling someone what to change! But when it came time to upload one of my chapters, I thought I would pass out. Or die.

Let me tell you writers out there, if you don’t have a group like this, you are missing out. Once I survived the initial shock of all those red lines I began to see the real value of this experience. How many years have I sat in front of my computer, wondering if what I was saying made any sense? If the characters seemed valid or real? If the plot worked, or how to ratchet up tension and keep the pacing?

I wonder no longer.

Now, I get direct feedback and what a joy it is. I’m currently on chapter 4. I love my characters, I see where I want them to go and now I have the confidence that with a little help from some very nasty friends (wink) I will get there.

Here’s to Sue! She didn’t die!

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Duck stew for dinner…

Okay, so I got up way too early this morning… blame it on the stinking birds.
Actually, if you want to be accurate, blame it on the stupid ducks.
The songbirds were singing away – so sweet and melodic, and it was all so lovely, until a duck joined in. Quack, quack, quack – done in a straight, single note over and over and over …. the only moment of grace was when a predator swept through the woods and everything went silent.
Maybe it was looking to have duck stew for dinner.
yum. yum.
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African Violet Flower Petal

thinking of my niece’s sweet baby, Violet today. Sending my love to her and Michael and all of their loved ones.

Flowers, Trees, & Other Such Gifts of Nature

African Violet Flower Petal

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A small hiatus for Sue…

With all the stress and tragedy in my family’s life, I thought to share with you just one picture. I haven’t laughed much this past week – the death of not one, but two family members has left me reeling. I know the shock and grief will lessen with time. For now, here is one photo that continues to beat my blues away…


Yup, that’s my dog, Maggie, wearing my hubbie’s hat.

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Mom’s “S” Word

this is one of my all time favorites from Lori – what a gifted poets – please check her out at poetry patio!

Lori Lipsky | Poetry Patio


Because At Least We Are Reading

Mom is strict, but
She bends the rules
On her “s” word
Whenever we carpool
Past the billboard

We read and read
Loud as we can
From the back seat 
Until the best-sign-ever
Disappears from sight
by Lori Lipsky
photo credit: Anita Klumpers

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take notes everyone, because this is how it’s done…

So,  I was sitting in my comfy rocking chair, alongside my hubbie, who was  sitting in his, when I heard a piercing scream from the general direction of the kitchen.

“No, oh, no, no, no…” Daughter number one cried.

“What is it? Wait – oh no he didn’t!” added the other, sounding just as mortified.

I turned to my husband who sat there,  quietly typing on his smartie phone, his glasses perched on the tip of his nose.

“What’s going on?” I asked, curious to know if I needed to call 911.

Both girls came running down the hallway and stopped just inside the living room.

“Daddy’s on Facebook!” They shrieked in unison.

Then he turned to me and answered, oh so casually. “I sent them a friend request.”

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