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Sue’s news…


Well, just thought I’d take a sec and say hello and catch you up on Sue’s news. You may have noticed my sporadic presence – in part because we are between internet providers at least for another week. Yup, life is SO much fun with two teens and no internet at home… But more has kept me away.

I’ve mentioned before that I brought my mom home this summer while trying to place her in an assisted care facility. She wasn’t able to manage her medications or her diabetes on her own any longer. Two weeks ago though, her health began slipping. I couldn’t figure out why she was so tired all the time so we took her for some blood tests. The results were immediate and disastrous.

Acute leukemia. Get to the hospital. There’s a bed waiting for you right now.

Just how in hell had that happened?

Two of my brothers and I spent the better part of that week trying to figure out what we were supposed to do. When day three rolled around and the doctors started using the words “palliative care” and “terminal”- reality hit home. My beautiful mom was dying.

It hurt, telling mom she could never go back to her apartment. It broke my heart to tell her she couldn’t come home with me. Mom just smiled, squeezed my hand and told me she understood.

She was giving comfort to me!

Mom’s in hospice care now and fading a bit every day. We had 5 or 6 great days with her. Days of her smiles and words of comfort and reflection in a place she loves. It’s a relief to be her daughter again and let someone else worry for every cough and sneeze.

So, you haven’t seen much of Sue because she’s living through hell right now. In truth, 2013 has sucked for my family. This will make death number 3. You’ll see me again and soon I hope. Full of stupid jokes and smiling as I share some quirky bit of nonsense. In the meantime, I’m wishing for all of you love and comfort, joy and peace. And please know, I may not have a chance to read your posts or respond for a while.

But I am thinking of you,


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