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One year ago from today…


Wow. Has it really been that long?

One year ago I opened my first wordpress site and what a wonderful journey it’s been. For those of you I follow and those that follow me, please let me give you a warm on-line hug and tell you how much you’ve meant to me. Thank you for all the comments, the words of commiseration and support. Thanks for laughing at my stupid jokes and liking my silly stories. Thank you for coming back, when I’ve been a wayward friend.

Thank you, too, for sharing your stories, your ideas and journeys. I’ve enjoyed reading your poetry, posts, and ogling over your pics. I feel like I made some cherished friends. If only I were rich and could travel the world to bring that hug directly to you.

It’s been a difficult few months for Sue, with family loss in April and bringing my mom home in June. It’s been tough taking care of a proud, feisty, lady that doesn’t want to be dependent on another for care. I know it’s been hard on her, too, being uprooted from her apartment and living in limbo until we get her settled.

But I can’t complain. I won’t. I love her too much.

I’ll end this quickie post with a little pic of a spider web trapping some rain and some of my favorite pics from the past year.

I hope you all know how much you all mean to me.





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Call me crazy…

How pathetic is it that when I finally return to wordpress, I write about the weather? Sorry to be gone for so long, but my little fingers have been hard at work, trying to finish a draft of “Fairless” before mid-August. Call me crazy, but having set an ambitious goal is working for me…. 6,000 words done yesterday alone.

I guess it also works because my life in general is so trying? Difficult? Challenging. Let’s go with that. Not sucky at all.

Moved my mom home recently to help her with her daily life. It’s been wonderful having her close by, and good to see her responding to regular care.

Got two restless teenagers, who are sick of being housebound (did I mention I picked up hours for the summer?)

And last, the weather. Let’s just say it is sucky.

Everything’s wet. Our house, our dog (don’t ya just love the aroma of fresh skunk? Yup, Bella got hit three days ago), everything is soggy and soaked through. The lawn is spongy and I’m sick of the rain.

So, what’s a person who’s tired of typing, generally crabby at everyone and everything to do?

Why, share a pic or two. They say it’s worth a thousand words. So… hope you enjoy!



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