What’s Sue been up to…

Just thought I’d let you know I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. Not yet, anyways.

As I mentioned before – did I mention before?- I joined an online critique group and have been crafting away on my historical novel. What a great experience… all that feedback, the slashing and cutting and ripping has made me a different person.

I now have thick skin.

Go figure?

When I began back in March, I was SO nervous. Critiquing other people’s work seemed easy-breezy. What a blast, telling someone what to change! But when it came time to upload one of my chapters, I thought I would pass out. Or die.

Let me tell you writers out there, if you don’t have a group like this, you are missing out. Once I survived the initial shock of all those red lines I began to see the real value of this experience. How many years have I sat in front of my computer, wondering if what I was saying made any sense? If the characters seemed valid or real? If the plot worked, or how to ratchet up tension and keep the pacing?

I wonder no longer.

Now, I get direct feedback and what a joy it is. I’m currently on chapter 4. I love my characters, I see where I want them to go and now I have the confidence that with a little help from some very nasty friends (wink) I will get there.

Here’s to Sue! She didn’t die!

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11 thoughts on “What’s Sue been up to…

  1. Here’s to Sue! I’m happy to hear you are finding success with your online critique group!!! Yay!

    • Yup. And I didn’t die!
      What’s so very cool is when I’m done writing this novel, in like a bazillion years, it will be edited and critiqued by multiple eyes. Makes it so very marketable!
      Nice to see you little Lori Lipsky.

  2. I joined a critique group, too! We’ve posted once and received our critiques. Four women and one man, all writing mysteries! By the way, where did you get the photo of the stream?

    • Hi Connie – so glad for you! Is it on-line or a face to face group? I’m in a face to face group also and it’s so AWKWARD. I’m not sure if I’ll stay with it. I always seem to say the wrong thing…
      Hope this group helps you – I wonder, your book isn’t considered historical, right? If it was, you would be welcome in my on-line group. Wish it was. Can you change it if its not? I’d love to read your work.
      This has been a career changer for me – I’ve never felt more confident and I love the feedback. Old Sue is getting some tough skin.
      woo pie!
      Hope you are well – Sue

  3. Hi Sue – thanks for the update on what you’ve been doing. Sounds like these online critique groups are a great thing. My skin could certainly use some thickening 🙂 One question: how did you find your group?

    • I have never felt more confident with my writing. It’s like taking a masters degree in historical fiction.
      I found this group by googling “online writing critique groups” and more specifically for me, historical fiction. It’s good to know what to watch for: you want a group that is carefully moderated. You have to ask permission to join. You want a small group (this one has around 30 people) and they should all be active (they have 6 months and if they don’t post – they are out). This group works like this: for ever 3 chapters you critique, you get to post one of your own. Everyone has a different approach. Some are more helpful than others. I’ve developed a core group – about 5 of us- that work closely together. I AM LOVING IT! Well, enough of this silly stuff. Happy to answer any other questions…
      hope you are writing and finding inspiration.

  4. Good for you! Missed you, friend!

  5. I am so glad that you are happy with this group and it is so nice to see you out here again. I’ve missed you.

  6. I also missed you–but it’s wonderful to hear about your progress on the historical novel and online critique group.

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