Duck stew for dinner…

Okay, so I got up way too early this morning… blame it on the stinking birds.
Actually, if you want to be accurate, blame it on the stupid ducks.
The songbirds were singing away – so sweet and melodic, and it was all so lovely, until a duck joined in. Quack, quack, quack – done in a straight, single note over and over and over …. the only moment of grace was when a predator swept through the woods and everything went silent.
Maybe it was looking to have duck stew for dinner.
yum. yum.
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21 thoughts on “Duck stew for dinner…

  1. Ducks have flown away after wintering here. Please don’t be so harsh on them there. I want them fly back here safely next winter. I love them – stew or roast.

    • Oh, you are a funny, funny man! I will send these foolish ducks your way!
      Then they can keep you awake every morning.

  2. We have the same problems here in Michigan but it is the frogs croaking all night long beside the pool. Some nights we have to close the patio doors because we can’t even talk.

  3. Yesterday I bought a fan for “white noise” to help me adjust to the new sounds. I’ll let you know if it helps or not, early this morning I woke up because I had this dream that a raccoon was in the house and I was growling at it to scare it. I actually heard myself growling. So did Craig. Yeah, I’m a mess. πŸ™‚

    • Oh Denise – I read your post, but haven’t been by yet. I’m feeling for you – gotta be so strange trying to adjust to a whole new environment. You are so much stronger than I’ll ever be.
      Hope the fan helped!

      • You are stronger than you realize! Fan helped some. Hugs to you too, my friend! Denise

      • thanks and sorry I haven’t been by to visit. WP won’t let me load a bunch of the blogs I follow. Gotta do something – cause this has gotten ridiculous!
        sending my love and letting you know I’m reading your posts!

  4. free penny press

    My brother had a pet duck when I was younger and I used to want to muzzle that darn bird…*quack-quack-quack* at the *quack of dawn*


  5. I have a cute duck poem coming up…lol πŸ™‚ Sorry they’ve been unkind to you and kept you from sleep. Time to try city life?? πŸ˜€ ~Lori

    • city life? Are you kidding? At least a duck won’t break into your home and rob you! Just kidding… but not.
      can’t wait to see that poem…

  6. I haven’t been getting your posts either. Missed them. This one makes me think of our blue jays. Loud and insistent. But I love them.

    • We don’t have a lot of jays here, thankfully. But we do have a screech owl that literally drives us bananas. I’ve been known to go out on our deck at night and scream at it to go away! Silly bird.
      Nice to see you, Judith.

      • Conservationists reclaimed some land in our city and let it revert back to a wetlands marsh. They rescued an injured screech owl (it was small) and a young Bald Eagle (their heads are brown until they mature), and the screech owl “parented” the eagle–served as its mama. It was so cool!

      • I’m sorry, Judith, but I still hate screech owls! Anything that keeps me up at night are NOT my friend. But that is a very cool story – I love how nature finds a way!

      • I love my sleep, too. Can you throw a shoe at a screech owl–like they do cats?

      • don’t know – I may have to try that! But… maybe I’ll use one of my hubby’s shoes.

  7. Sounds good.

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