The Mighty Irish Epic gets a proper name…

I’ve been working on my MIE (you know, “Mighty Irish Epic”?)  for nearly three years and have never been able to name the damned thing. Sorry, I mean “darned” thing. Isn’t it amazing how sometimes the answer is so obvious? That it’s right before your eyes? And isn’t it truly pathetic when it takes your protagonist to give you that answer?

Last week I started setting some goals and writing them down. One of them, not oddly enough, was to come up with a decent working title for MIE. “Muse” just wasn’t working – either for a name of a book (it’s SO done) or to describe what exactly my heroine was. Funny, that in the process of editing the first page I blithely typed this sentence-

“Kathlin was not a Druid, this wasn’t ancient Ireland. She was acting a fool.”

Okay… so just why in heck wasn’t she a Druid? And why did it take a full week for my brain to realize this? (No answer on that one, I’m afraid). When I thought about it – Druid was not only the perfect title, but the absolute best way to describe my mighty little Irish heroine. Hurray for me! I mean, Kathlin!

Because I have some pull over at the McKenna Book Cover Shop, (I literally begged her), she designed this beauty for me. Please note, the verdict is still out – I’m calling Kathlin a “Druidess” because she’s the only female Druid – and thus, the most powerful Druid EVER (insert evil laughter, mawhahaha, here).  But, I’d love some feedback – “Druid” or “Druidess?” Or do you have another clever way to describe a female Druid? And… while we’re at it, what about “The Druid” vs “Druid?”



So….. what do ya think?

If you’re interested in perusing McKenna’s site, you can find her at:

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17 thoughts on “The Mighty Irish Epic gets a proper name…

  1. Damn darned dang good name. I like Druid. Driudess could be the sequel

  2. Whatever the title I’m in.

  3. free penny press

    Oh how awesome a title you have selected.. You are really making big progress when a name is selected 🙂

  4. I vote for Druid. Can’t wait to read it.

  5. Your cover looks marvelous. I know very little about Druids/Druidesses, so I cannot vote with any authority on the name. I leave that to you. I especially love seeing your name there on the front, Sue!!

    I didn’t realize you’ve been working on your book for three years. Or maybe I knew and just forgot! I imagine having the working title and a beautiful cover will inspire you to finish strong! I’m with lexiesnana…can’t wait to hold it in my hands and read it!!

    • Yeah – three years is way too long. I’m working on getting some outside editing done – and then I need some of those “Beta” readers. I do have an agent that would be interested in seeing it again after, so that’s a pretty cool thing.
      Thanks for the vote of confidence!

  6. I like it, and the cover! You are such a busy bee writing up a storm! Better writing up a storm then being in a storm. How has your weather been?

    • Funny you should ask… I was reading your sweet comment just as my hubbie returned from a quick trip to the local market. I knew something was up by the amount of snow coating his shoulders and such… seems as though his 4 x 4 truck slid off the road and was stuck. Yup, seems as though winter’s not quite ready to depart…

      • Hubs may be getting snow today too. I won’t tell you what the weather is here today….. 😉 Keep warm!

  7. Druidess strikes me as a magical choice, and I love the cover.

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