of fluffy dogs and winter scenes…

Yes, I know some of you are just counting the days to Spring. Day light savings has just robbed us of an hour – but made it so much easier to take the dogs out after dinner. Why is that, you may ask? Because it’s still light out at 7:00pm. And, I might add, I did watch a damned skunk tooting down my driveway last night…

Ah, well, it’s all good.

I love this time of year – the hope that grows with each passing day as it gets warmer out and the birds begin to sing. Hope because maybe Sue will soon see her friends again when she ventures down off the mountain road.

For now, though, it’s still winter here in Vermont.  There are a few patches of grass, but most is buried beneath a foot of snow. So, in nod to winter’s passing, I just thought I’d share a few last pics with you. Who knows when the first crocuses will raise their lovely little purple heads in my yard?


It’s a bit grainy, but that’s what you get when you take a pic at night with a smartie phone.

A note – Bella wouldn’t settle down until we tucked her blankie in…


ah, Bella, you are too cute for words…


The remnants of my girl’s snowfort/wall thingy.


Got in another back country ski – but it was tricky.

The snow was fast and there’s not much room for error in the woods.

Still, I enjoyed the run.


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11 thoughts on “of fluffy dogs and winter scenes…

  1. Sue I love it when two of you are in my mail box.Your little furry friend is adorable and the snow thing is awesome in a photo.Just what I needed cause I couldn’t get to church this morning cause of my stupid knee.Brought me lots of smiles.Blessings my friend

    • I’m so glad – about the smiles, not the knee. Bella is so cute – and we are so blessed to have her in our life. She is pure love.
      I’ll send a bit of that love on to you – hope the pain eases.

      • It will ease I am going in to have it replaced on Friday. I had the other knee done last year so I am not looking forward to it but at least I don’t have any more to replace!

      • well then, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I hope the surgery goes smoothly – and the recovery too!

  2. The pictures of the wintery scenes are great, but I agree–Bring on Spring!

    • Yes, indeed! Looks like the sap has begun – the sugar shacks are firing up, it’s time to make the maple syrup. yum!

  3. puppy 🙂

  4. free penny press

    Love your Vermont pictures..The doggies all snuggled up is so cute and looks like you better not disturb him. Hang on, spring is coming soon 🙂

    • yup – and when it comes, just imagine alllllll that doggie hair floating through my house! And…. don’t forget I also have a black lab who sheds wicked, too.
      Where’d I put that vacuum cleaner?

  5. I’m eager to see photos of those crocuses in your yard, but until then…I’m happy with cozy photos of your Bella, and evidence of your back country ski run. Beware the skunk!

    • Well, it’s snowing today – who said March couldn’t be fickle? As to the skunk – yeah I am. Now we have two dogs – can you imagine the mess?

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