just tooting along…

Last night I was sitting in my comfy cozy rocking chair – yes, I know how pathetic that sounds – and watching Survivor – again, pathetic, I know – when along came this little spider, tooting and minding its own business. I watched, somewhat fascinated (okay, it was far more interesting than watching that stupid show) and noted with interest how the little thing hugged the wall. Closer it came, and still I did not move. I’d dropped a piece of paper on the floor next to my chair  and the spider suddenly veered off course and headed directly for it. I kept thinking, it’ll go back to the wall soon, but nope, it seemed determined to scope out that object that had no business being there. I reached down, moved the paper and shooed the creature away. It ran back to the baseboard and huddled – poor thing- and waited for my attention to once again become riveted by the tv set. Alas, as soon as it had, I spied the spider heading straight for the piece of paper again. Okay, for those who know me, you can just hear my laughter. And I couldn’t stop because that spider came back three times to check out that paper!

Goofy thing.

Good thing the kids weren’t home.

They’d have made me squish it.

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23 thoughts on “just tooting along…

  1. Reminds me of the itsy bitsy spider

  2. I would have made you squish it too. Don’t even get me started on the “Palmetto Bugs”. 🙂

    • Ah, come on – what’s one little spider in a house full of them? At least these are all tiny – the ones we had at our camp? Brrrrrrr – they still make my skin crawl. Barn spiders living right inside! Their bodies were the size of a quarter…. Now, does that beat out a “Palmetto Bug” (whatever that is?)

      • A good spider is a dead spider to me. A palmetto bug is a big, nasty Southern cockroach. They just gave it a fancy name. They are big, but not as big as the Hawaiian ones, thank goodness! Ewwwwwww
        I don’t like any of them.

      • Well, then, aren’t you glad you’re moving away from those big, icky things? And who said there wouldn’t be a silver lining? As to spiders, I agree – but then we have a zillion bugs those creepy things eat, so who am I to argue with their menu selection?

      • I try to remind myself of the other icky things the bugs eat, but that just creeps me out too. 🙂

      • Why Denise, I had no idea you were such a girly-girl! (they creep me out too)

      • A girly-girl with a tough side when needed. 🙂

      • That’s right! I forgot that you are an Amazon!!!

  3. free penny press

    I’m not too afraid of spiders but my one daughter is.. she would have had a mini-nervous breakdown indeed!!

    • It’s too funny that mine freak out – the ones we have now are all wispy and sweet. Alas, this one was small and dark and they wouldn’t have appreciated it.

  4. I would have cried…until someone else came to smash the varment

    • They were the most awful things – and they showed up in places like… above my daughters’ headboard, on the backside of the toilet paper at 2:00 am. There is a reason we no longer own that camp…

  5. what a poor spider and what a funny business.

  6. I don’t know you but I can hear you laughing. And your voice, through your words, sounds very Irish: “comfy cozy- tooting and minding- the little thing hugged- and still I did not move- but nope- determined to scope- no business being there- and shooed the creature away- alas, as soon as it had- I spied the spider- goofy thing- they’d have made me squish it.” What a perfect little collection of words; an Irish ode, just tooting along, in song. Indeed.

    • You think so? Guess I’ve been a working a bit too much on my mighty Irish epic then, as I’ve not one jolt of the Irish in me. No, although my gram was “Blair” I cannot make a claim for even for the Scottish. I am a Frenchwoman.
      I wonder if the French like spiders?

      • That’s an incredible revelation – French. Astounding. You wield the language with the brush of an artist, many an Irish writer or poet surely would discover a vein of envy tearing at his soul. Rather enjoyable. I will return to your page to examine the canvasses more thoroughly, Susan. There is a masterpiece among them, no doubt.I’ve already read several; you rushing out the shower torecord the words dancing in your head. Quite amusing, that. I’ll be back.

      • oops – you see, here is where I straighten out the mess I’ve made from my previous explanation. I’m in the midst of genealogy – tracing my family tree and such – so…. when I say I’m French – that means I’m of French descent. My father’s family is from French-speaking Canada (and further back, France). Soo….. still impressed?
        I thought not.

      • French-spaeking Canada! That will do just fine. I noted your link to Irish Gran…I will be reading it soon. Cheers

      • that’s great… except, now it turns out she wasn’t Irish, but French. Are you confused yet?

      • You’re killing me Susan. I will return for a thorough read, I have to study a lot the last while – dead tired – I’ve just lain myself to rest, hoping my body will finally collapse and give my faculties the rest they need to regenerate. I’ll add you now so I don’t get lost entirely. You need a need passport, and I need spectacles.

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