Sue’s fabulous new creation…

I’m writing this post and dedicating it to my dear friend, Pauline at This is for her dedication in attempting to convert this lightly-skilled knitter into trying lace… I must give her kudos. I must give her all the credit. She never stopped believing in me (sniff).

So, here for your viewing pleasure is but a small montage of my work. Keep in mind the hours of endless toil, the cursing and snapping at loved ones, the dinners that were burnt or not cooked at all…


See the little bling? Isn’t that so cute?


In all fairness, Pauline never shows her face…


Then again, I’m not Pauline in soooo many ways.

Oh, and Pauline?

You can stop laughing now.

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19 thoughts on “Sue’s fabulous new creation…

  1. I love it! I want to try the lace thing eventually, can you imagine the Italian nuns centuries ago in Venice going blind from the teeny tiny needlelace? I’m impressed, I knitted a scarf, and I’m taking a long extended break, because like you … meals will go unattended, and tempers will flare, once I get my courage on and start a lace pattern 😉 Good job! Very pretty lace scarf for a very pretty lady!

    • you are too sweet! I can well imagine how busy your life is… I don’t believe I even tried knitting again til after the kids were 5 and 6 years old. As to the lace-thing, well, Pauline knows how crabby it made me – so she posted a pattern for one made from chunky wool. That’ll be my next adventure.
      Now that I’ve posted my pic, I feel very daring indeed.

  2. I loved this post, Sue. I dream of knitting someday. I have some yarn and some needles. Now I just need training and fortitude.

    Your green scarf is a work of art and looks terrific on you. Well done! Thanks, by the way, for introducing me to Pauline. I went over, introduced myself, and am now following her. I’m not at all intimidated since I have humble knitting goals. Loved her pictures. ~Lori

    • Can’t you just hear her Irish accent? I love reading her posts, seeing Ireland and ogling her knitted creations.
      Pauline is truly one of a kind and I’m so glad you discovered her.

  3. free penny press

    That is so beautiful.. I want one even though it does not get cold here i can parade around in the AC wearing it.. I love your smile.. so gorgeous!!!

    • I could make you one…. but then I’d die.
      What a lot of work!
      But I do so love the idea of you parading around with one of my fabulous creations.
      As to the smile – I look in the mirror and think – who the heck are you? And what did you do with Sue? Guess it’s time to update my internal image…

      • free penny press

        I can barely thread a needle so to crochet something like that would undo You are a beautiful woman so yes, stop the nonsense 🙂

      • ah, geesh. This is me, blushing

  4. Whee, it’s gorgeous! And I love the spangles- well done, girl! Now you’ve unearthed another talent, I’d better put my thinking cap on for another pattern that will suit you…

  5. I saw beautiful samples of these all over the yarn department the other day. Really Tempting…the graceful fibers, mesmerizing colors, ohhhh. If I ever figure out how to cast on, I’m gonna be dangerous!

    • I know how to knit basic stitches – but imagine my chagrin when I had to google how to add an extra stitch mid-row.. Truly pathetic.
      Ah well, let me tell you how to cast on so you can join me in this dangerous, exotic world of knitting…
      wait a sec- I have to google it.

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