my second life, revisited…

For those who’ve visited in the recent past, you may have read my two posts where I likened the process of creating a blog to shuffling boxes around in a giant empty warehouse and making space for all my readers. For any who missed it you can see them here:


Six months – could it really already be the long since it all began?

Six months of trial and growth, changes and surprises. I just thought I’d take this moment to reflect on where I find myself today.

Lonely, I suppose works. It feels a bit empty in my warehouse and most days, the coffee cups are untouched, the chairs unused. Still, I appreciate each of you who’ve visited, each precious comment on both this site and my other, letters to rosa.

A dear friend and confidante stepped away from her blog a few weeks past and it just hasn’t been the same without her. I still keep T’resa’s widget on my side bar. I still keep hoping she’ll come back. Now another is facing major life changes and well… she’s assured me that we’ll keep in touch.

I find a flicker of hope with each new blogger that sweeps in and hits my “follow” button. Then an arctic blast snuffs that flicker out when they never return. I keep writing, posting and hoping.

Last night I hit one of those empty chairs and looked around to make an assessment of all the time and energy it takes to maintain these two blogs. I weighed the pros and cons of continuing. I know I’ve become a better writer for blogging and that I’ve developed and grown. I’ve made some dear friends, and watched them simply walk away. Perhaps, being a newbie, I trusted a bit too much.

It’s all make-believe, after all. This isn’t real- it’s a cyber world.

I suppose there’s no way for you all to know how hard it’s been for me to reach out, to leave a comment and hope you’ll take it the right way. I am a hermit in the truest sense. It takes a lot to get this ol’ gal down this mountain road – just ask my real life friends. They all know, they’ll see Sue again come Spring.

I’ve read your posts. I comment on them frequently. It just feels like no one’s settled in here. I can’t predict who’ll visit and who will simply ignore that new post notification.

When I finally fell asleep last night – and yes, it was quite late, I felt ready to pull the plug on this echoey warehouse. I had asked myself – was this the best use of my time? It takes a few hours to edit and put together a post, read and comment on other’s – checking in daily and responding. Am I ready to return to my hermited space and launch into my writing without all these distractions?

Perhaps, but then my two dogs go and do something so damn cute and I just have to share…


ah, well, I guess I’m still debating.

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17 thoughts on “my second life, revisited…

  1. Sue – I for one am glad you’re still around, writing your blog and posting your wonderful stories. I always look forward to reading both. And your comments are thoughtful and encouraging, and I personally appreciate each and every one.

    I would never have guessed you as a hermit type. To me at least, you come across as anything but that kind of person. Go figure.

    Oh, and by the way, the dogs are hilarious.

    • my pooches found the perfect time to lighten my spirits- as did your very kind comment. Thank you, Dave, for visiting and reading and commenting. Us fickle artist-types need to know sometimes, that people are listening.
      My best to you.

  2. free penny press

    I understand how you feel on many levels.. this “cyber-world” is a fickle one for sure.. But as for you and how I appreciate YOU, your kind words which have gotten me through some very dark times, especially Christmas, yes the candle..I’ll never forget that.. I may read a day later than when you published it’s only because I get off work at 7pm, drive home and then I’m so sleepy to read.. Please keep writing and sharing.. you are important, kind, compassionate and your voice needs to be heard..
    maybe you and I can put our heads together to help you get these delightful stories out to a bigger audience?..

    • oh, Lynne – thank you for taking the time to write this sweet comment – I’m so glad you visited! And yes, I’ll take that suggestion – I really have no clue what I’m doing with these stories.
      Now… go to bed!

  3. Nooo, don’t go! I just met you…and now your cute babies! You HAVE to keep sharing them with us.

    I totally understand the hermitness. I’d be a hermit if I could, and I plan to when I retire. 🙂

    • I’m so glad and I guess I have to admit, relieved, to get such wonderful feedback. Maybe it is my over-active imagination, but I was beginning to feel like I was blogging in an empty warehouse. As to the hermit-thing. Yeah, I would guess most writers have that anti-social nature. I once read an article that said something to the effect of “you know you’re a writer when… it’s a beautiful day, your family’s having a picnic and all you can think about is – what’s my character going to do next!”
      Yup, that’s me.

      • Very well put! Writers are so darn predictable! 🙂

      • Too true – I loved that article, think it was one of my cherished back logs of Writers’ Digest. The author had a whole slew of “you know you’re a writer if” stuff. Like you know you’re a writer if you talk to your characters and ask them what THEY would do. You cry when they die, you laugh when they get the bad guy. You, know, stuff like that.
        Yup. I’m a writer.

  4. No, Sue. Don’t go! We’re just starting to get to know each other. I’m surprised to hear you call yourself hermit-ish. You do not seem that way with your writing. Not at all.
    No shock to hear you have doubts, as most artists do. You are definitely an artist. I’ve seen your illustrations and read your writing. You have much to offer. I encourage you to keep on writing. Keep building an audience for the books you’ve got coming out. Plus…I still owe you a haiku. I’ve not forgotten. ~Lori

    • Thanks for the sweet comment, Lori – guess I needed a boost of sorts. Damnable sensitive artist personality. I’m so glad you’ve stopped by.
      As to the hermit-thing, as I told Kristi (Quiller) – guess it’s just easier sometimes to stay home and write. I do love blogging and how it’s allowed me to reach out to others. Before this summer, I didn’t even have a facebook page. I was content writing in a vacuum. Now I can visit, even though the thermometer reads 10 below zero (not an exaggeration by the way).
      I love your poems. I would miss them too much to ever stop.
      And yes, I’m a-waiting my Haiku, girl!
      my best to you, Lori.

  5. I sooo get what you are saying. Just last night I said to Craig, ‘Brrr, I’m cold, that’s it, I’m not coming out until Spring’ when we left the house. Ha! You can just imagine how ThAt went over right now considering we haven’t even reached the cold climate. 🙂 I am most definitely want to hibernate. I often want to do that when I’m stressed or hurting, whether physically or emotionally. I think that is what is so great about blogging. There is a sort of comfort about writing and releasing it out into the unknown. Most recently I’ve ‘unplugged’ the link to my Facebook page when I publish a post. I’ve figured my family and friends who want to know what I’m posting are already following me, and the others, well, then maybe we aren’t as connected and perhaps I don’t want them reading what I’m posting. I know that might not make sense to some people because I’m sending posts into cyber world, but somehow in my head it does.
    I was also thinking the last few days how blessed I’ve been to include you in my circle of friends, even though we haven’t met. This cyber world does that. So, keep on posting, the chairs aren’t empty my dear!

    • Oh, thank your for that great comment – you hit every point spot on. I’ve stopped sending my posts to facebook, too – seems like it just adds clutter that no one reads. I’m so glad you feel the same way as I do about our friendship. I talk with you more than I do my “real life” friends! I guess that’s why it hurts when someone steps away. I understand though, why people do it – this blogging thing is very time consuming.
      I can imagine your cup would be that one that holds all your pens? Wasn’t that the one from your aunt? I’m testing my memory now. Sorry if I got it wrong!

      • Well, me thinks once I get over this mad rush of activity I may have more time to blog, and paint…at least that is what I am hoping! My cup, btw was my Grandmom’s. Oh, and you can always reach me via email now if I start to become lax on the posting just to give me the kick in the butt I need. 🙂

      • we all need some encouragement – thus this danged post! Now onto the next endeavor… I’ll be posting again soon, but have hurt my wrist.
        Don’t tell my daughter, I’m not supposed to be typing.
        (It’s our little secret)

  6. Just write. Readers will come. Takes a while – so many blogs, so little time. And both writing and following are time consuming. Try to keep a balance and be realistic
    Meanwhile, Terrific dogs! Molly the mauling malamute sends a paw wave

    • Ah thanks for the wonderful comment. So hard to keep perspective sometimes. It’s great to get some feedback. Now.. onto a swing-by to your site.

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