Sue and Karen’s grand new adventure…

And see, I’ve been remiss in highlighting a dear friend’s recent accomplishment. Karen Sturtevant has launched her new picture book, “Gert, Stu and Zippy too” and it’s a wonder.

Okay, I was involved with this project – I’ll admit to doing the illustrations. But it was her story, her characters and I was simply helping her bring them to life a bit.

So, for any and all interested, I’d like to share a snippet from Karen and a link to her new website. This book is great for parents and grandparents of young children.


Welcome to The Adventures of Gert & Stu and Zippy Too!
One Box, Three Friends, A Pinch of Imagination, and A Bit of Magic Bring Grand
Adventures Every Time.
All parents know how a cardboard box can quickly become their child’s favorite toy.  Gert and Zippy are thrilled to have Stu, a new friend, join them in their make-believe using Gert’s adventure box.  What happens when they land in a strange world and the box gets eaten by a dragon?  How will they get home?  Using creativity, a bouncy rhyme, and Zippy’s magical bubble pipe, these characters delight us with their story of friendship and remind us to appreciate the wonder of a child’s imagination.
Climb in and close your eyes, we’re ready for our next adventure… 
You are cordially invited to visit Gert’s new website. You can find it at:
And, as we’re talking about supporting indie writers, why not click over to visit Teresa at She has a link on her sidebar where you can purchase her book Belly Button Blues.  Tell her you said “hi!” and ask her to come back to blogging.  She, like Karen, needs our support.
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14 thoughts on “Sue and Karen’s grand new adventure…

  1. I love you, Sue!! Thank you!

    • You are so very welcome. I’m sorry this took so long! I put a widget on letters to rosa and will highlight your book there next!
      congrats, girl!

  2. free penny press

    Oh I would love to buy a copy of this for my Grand daughters and Grandson (birthdays are in the near future)..I’m bookmarking the link and heading over. How wonderful you illustrated it as well. That is way too cool!!
    Congrats to you both!!

    • Thanks for the wonderful comment! Karen has written a delightful tale – and she is even more sweet! I had a wonderful summer drawing and painting. It meant so much that she showed such confidence and took a chance on me. And her website? Isn’t that the coolest thing?

  3. Why Sue, I had no idea you were an artist. I love your illustrations. It looks like a really nice book. I think two of my grandkids might like a copy of it.

    Do you do any other artwork?

    • I’ve been an artist all my life – only discovered the pure joy that is writing a few years back. Karen has written a sweet book – it was a fun summer illustrating her wonderful characters. Did you check out her website? How cool is that!
      I did a post a while back on down the mountain road showing some of my illustrations called ‘of art doodles and versatile awards”.
      Hope you are well and writing up a storm! I’ve started a new ya about 3 brothers living in Burlington, Vermont in 1880. The characters are Scots-French and are based on my great-great-grandfather and his brothers.

  4. How cool is THAT? You illustrated this book? You rock!

    • thanks – and I love your gravatar – tell me you drew that pic?

      • Thanks! No, so sad I am not a talented illustrator (like yourself). That was done by an artist who came into the real estate office I used to work in, down in the Bay Area (CA). He took our pictures and left, then brought these awesome drawings back in a few weeks later. I used it for marketing purposes back then. It works well for a Gravatar! Better than the dull, lifeless logo.

      • Well, it’s still cool!

  5. Seriously, i used my phrase before seeing that you used it first. How cool is THAT? Hehehe

    • Well… they do say great minds think alike. Any chance, though, that you’re from New England?
      If not, we’ll just go with the first thing I said.
      too funny, Kristi.

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