A simple joy…

In the midst of a harried, somewhat depressing week, I found time for one of my greatest, yet simplest of joys.

I went skiing.

Not downhill at some high-falooten ski area where the flatlanders wear matching outfits and drop wads of cash…

Not cross-country skiing at some resort where they have groomed trails… that’d be too uppity for this old gal…

No, we’re talking about a quick trip down the mountain road to Casey’s Hill.

There were sliders galore and color on that hill, but it’s the long, rambling field that beckoned – the one with the solitary ski trail that marked another’s passage.

And so, here for you are just a few pics I snapped with my smartie phone. I hope you can feel my joy.


Casey’s Hill is just behind me – stretching out is a lovely rolling hill the locals hay in the summer…


Gotta take a break and catch my breath. A month recovering from back pain has put this lady a bit out of shape…


Heading back – that small hump in the foreground is Casey’s Hill. The huge white mountain just behind is Mt. Mansfield, the tallest peak in Vermont. I live just up the mountain Road in the foothills of that hummer…

I hope you all find a moment to indulge in your favorite past-time, your simple joy. I’ve found it to be the best medicine to what ails you…

(If you’d like, I wrote a post about Casey’s Hill. You can see it at: http://susanbahr.com/2012/09/23/caseys-hill/ and yes, those are my two darlings waving from the top).

My love to all of you!


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6 thoughts on “A simple joy…

  1. free penny press

    You lucky, lucky one.. It’s beautiful there! I love snow skiing and have not been for at least 30 years..I still have the first set of skis my parents struggled so hard to buy for me..if I ever get the chance I will wax them up and hit the slopes..
    Enjoy that snow!!

    • I hope you do! Says a lot that you’ve held onto them all those years…
      What a pretty day it was, but tough skiing conditions – over a foot of crusty, dense snow. Still, I put my mp3 on, tuned into some of my Dishwalla and had a blast.
      I’d be skiing today but it rained last night.
      And it’s 50 degrees.
      No wonder Vermonter’s get a bit stir crazy this time of year!

  2. Wow! It’s really beautiful, and must be so therapeutic too. I hope your back feels better soon.

    • Hi Kim! So nice to see you… hope this means you’re on the mend? My back is just holding it’s own – but I live in fear that it’ll go out again. I hate growing old! My buddie in Ireland – Pauline has the same problem, only a bit worse perhaps…
      You writing again? Love to see some of it…

      • That’s terrible about your back, it just gives out like that? Can you move when it happens? For my part, yes, everyone is feeling better although my daughter started to cough – will have to keep an eye on it. I’m still editing my script. Slow process… Actually, looking forward to start something new, even though the next step (submissions\govnt. grants\ private investors) will also be a full time job. Take care. Btw, just waiting for the 2012 award to switch to 2013 so that I can make my nominations, I’ve been hard at work 😉

      • I am an oldie… I blame it on all the gymnasitics I did as a wee one – too much back bending formed my spine with a curve. Watch your little ones – ballet, gymnastics, even skating too much in the formative years take their toll later!
        Glad you’re editing – and I get that needing to start something new thing. I just began writing a novel based loosely on these family characters. Newell Blair – what’s not to love about that name?
        Be well, Kim and so nice to see you again-

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