okay, this is REDUNKULOUS!

So, I’m sorry that I’m once again talking about the weather, but this will NOT be the last time, I promise.

Two pictures are all I need – two that illustrate the words “brutal winter” too well.

I’ll let them do the talking…


Would you believe we got another 6 inches after this storm?

How about there’s more on the way this weekend?


This is the outside temp measured in my car – and yes, that reads sixteen BELOW zero-

a veritable hotspot as a neighbor’s house registered 27 below last night!

Seriously?! What’s up with that?

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18 thoughts on “okay, this is REDUNKULOUS!

  1. free penny press

    OMG.. 16 below zero? Oh for goodness sake is it always that cold there? I would surely perish..
    I love snow but brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 😉

    • Oh yeah it does,usually in February. We had 3 woodstoves running around the clock – got to get up 2 times during the night to keep them “fed”.
      No furnace in this wacky house and wood’s free here. My husband taught me to split wood a few years back…
      and yes, I am no wall-flower!

  2. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    It’s not that cold here–I hope you have down comforters on your bed. I told my daughter today that I’m so glad I’m not Native American living 200 years ago on this windy inland plateau.

  3. I wouldn’t mind that much snow. Now, I wouldn’t want to go drive around in it or anything, so I’d be stocked up on supplies for several months. Since I work from home, I’d be all set 🙂

    • You wouldn’t mind it until you had to shovel all this stinkin roof! My husband and I – like so many others in Vermont- have perpetual bad backs from shoveling and wood hauling. It’s cool to live without a furnace – but very labor intensive!
      Working from home? This would be a cool place to do that – except it’s hard to get high speed internet. Ours is cruddy and “runs out” quickly if the kids watch too many on-line videos.
      And teenagers watch a lot of on-line videos!

      • Ha ha … well, good point. I tend to forget about things like shoveling since I’ve never lived any place where I saw more than a couple of inches at a time 🙂 I guess you could say I romanticize the whole notion of living somewhere with lots of snow. Reality is that I’ll never live anyplace where there’s snow, but I do get the chance to visit it every so often.

        Working from home is a wonderful way to make a living. Fortunately I have no trouble with internet where I live. You must have some form of satellite internet? And a usage limit? That would make it hard for me to work.

        Hope your backs hold up and feel better. On the positive side, you do get some exercise out of the deal 🙂

      • Winter can be charming and wonderful – if only it didn’t last so long… and it’s the cold that gets me… and the fluctuation in temps. there’s a 50 degree shift from yesterday to day: 16 below to 36 above. How wacky is that?
        Yup, got satellite – we could get cable but it stops 1.25 miles away. Seriously? They couldn’t come up the road just one more mile?
        As to the exercise? Yup – got that!
        Hope you’re well and looking forward to some more reads from Dave!

      • I think I’d love to live in the snow, assuming I could avoid having to drive in it and get someone to do all the hard work for me 🙂 Don’t think that will happen. So, I’ll just have to be content with my occasional exposure (which isn’t much, unless I should venture off to somewhere like Vermont in the winter … but I don’t think that’s going to happen).

        Doing well and excited about the year and the writing. I’ll be posting stuff this year, which I’ve been excited about. Some short stories and some stuff from my latest WIP.

        Still enjoying your stories. Keep it up!

      • But driving is the fun part! Sliding down that mountain road – it’s a game for all the locals.
        “Looks like Bob slid off at Casey’s Hill again.”
        you know, that kind of thing…
        Well, as it’s snowing yet again and I know my daughter had plans to be out it in, I just have to shrug my shoulders and say, “She’s in God’s good hands.”
        Thanks for the encouragement, Dave, I appreciate your kind words. I’d like to offer the same to you – keep writing!

  4. Ok. So I did LOL at your response. I had no idea that was a fun part 🙂

    Question: do they really say “Ayup” in the north east? I always see King’s characters say that in his books.

    Thanks for your encouragement as well, Sue. Nice to know there are others out trying to do the same thing you are. You know?

    • sure it’s the fun part – gotta get our kicks in where we can! Winter lasts about 7 months here – between the cold and stuff. It’s been known to snow on Memorial Day – although I must say that when it does it sucks.
      As to “ayup” – all the old geezers say that, not the youngys – they just roll their eyes.
      Oh wait, that’s just my teenage daughters…
      Yeah, I know about trying to make a go of this crazy thing called publishing – how hard it is and stuff. let’s just keep going – something’s gotta give somewhere for one of us.
      Let’s hope it’s someone we know!

  5. We got a little over 7″ of snow yesterday (was supposed to be only 2 – 4″)! Not nearly so cold here, so most of it melted today, including my snow man. 😦 I hope you hunkered down and stayed warm…great weather to stay inside and do some writing!

    • wacky stuff – this winter. Gonna be almost 50 this weekend. Not complaining – you’d have to be a fool to do that.
      And I am not a fool!

      • Seriously! It was 45 here today, and all the snow has melted. Then tomorrow we won’t get above freezing!

      • Yikes! we’re getting that temp, too. All this zinging around makes a person kinda stir crazy! Hope you’re finding some time to write – I so do enjoy your posts…
        Now that mid-week is done (my busiest time), I’m hoping to catch up on my wordpress reading and writing.

      • Oh hey! Surprise snow storm last night dumped 2 inches on the ice… What fun!

      • looking like a winter to forget…
        we’re prepping for ice tonight.
        I hate ice.
        Hope to keep my power so I can get caught up on writing and wordpressing!
        silly weather….

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