A Haiku for Sue…

So, as you can see from my sidebar, I follow a Japanese Haiku artist: Ashi Akira. Every day throughout the fall, he posted some of the most delightful poetry that I couldn’t wait to read… so when he mysteriously vanished and the poems simply stopped, after 11 days of cyber-silence I just had to ask-

“Ashi? Are you there? Are you okay?”

He had, in fact, just returned from 10 days in the hospital. An asthma attack nearly took his life, but he was home and recuperating.

He posted a short story and told of his brush with death. Don’t tell me there aren’t angels out there. I won’t believe you. The taxi driver that picked him up at 2:00 am must have had wings beneath his coat…

I’m so glad he’s back and posting his delightful Haiku’s once again, but you can imagine my enjoyment, my absolute delight when he left this for me:

“From near-death to life
Back to see New Year’s Day and
Smile of Vermont girl”

Would you look at that? My very own Haiku!!

So, here’s to you, Ashi Akira. May 2013 bring health, happiness and lots of time for new poetry.

I am, after all, a greedy “girl.”


You can find his link at: http://ashiakira.wordpress.com or  follow the link on the sidebar. Tell him the Vermont gal said hello!

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12 thoughts on “A Haiku for Sue…

  1. Thank you, Susan, for such a beautiful posting for me. Yes, it was a horrible experience to go through. But it taught me life is the greatest and irreplaceable gift for me. Be greedy for it, because it’s limitless for anyone.

    • I will take your words to heart and keep them close. They are precious from someone who knows how delicate life can be.
      Thank you again for my haiku. I treasure it.

  2. Thank you for the introduction to Ashi Akira’s blog. I am now following him there. I’m so glad he’s recovered from his attack.
    I’m challenged now by him to write you your own Haiku. Let me give it some thought, Sue 🙂 It will be fun!

    • He writes such charming, delightful poems… and when you ask him a question, he gives such startling answers. I always learn something new from him and I’m aslo so glad he’s okay. He’s but one of the many treasures I’ve discovered from blogging…
      and you’re one, too!
      My best to you-

      • You’ve introduced us, and now AshiAkira and I follow one another, too. Thanks, Sue. I’ll keep my eyes open for you over at his site.

      • I’m so glad – he writes delightful poetry – as do you!
        It’s a great match, and I’m sure you’ll find him a loyal follower.
        My best to you-

  3. I am thankful that this beautiful person is better and you are so lucky to have him write something just for you.How special.

    • I feel blessed and so grateful he’s okay. I love the “pep” in his words!
      My best to you, Liz. I’ll swing over to your site next. Have I told you how frustrated I am that I can’t “follow” your blog?
      Ah well, I’ll post a comment and if you don’t get it – know I came by.
      Love to you,

  4. free penny press

    That is so wonderful.. Also very glad to hear of his “holiday miracle”
    You and your very own poem.. sweet!!!

    • Yes, it is a miracle – as even Ashi Akira would admit. I’m so happy to have him back and posting-
      and delighted he gave me such a gift!
      My best to you, Lynne.

  5. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    I like to think of you described as a Vermont girl with a smile.

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