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Sue’s fabulous new creation…

I’m writing this post and dedicating it to my dear friend, Pauline at This is for her dedication in attempting to convert this lightly-skilled knitter into trying lace… I must give her kudos. I must give her all the credit. She never stopped believing in me (sniff).

So, here for your viewing pleasure is but a small montage of my work. Keep in mind the hours of endless toil, the cursing and snapping at loved ones, the dinners that were burnt or not cooked at all…


See the little bling? Isn’t that so cute?


In all fairness, Pauline never shows her face…


Then again, I’m not Pauline in soooo many ways.

Oh, and Pauline?

You can stop laughing now.

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Oh Rachel, no dear. Just… no..

In honor of the Superbowl (it is next weekend, right?), Rachel Ray thought it good to share some of her wonderful decorating ideas with all of you sports fans.

It went bad so fast.

First, there was the “chair cover” made from a football jersey…


Now why didn’t I think of that?

Next came the decorations. And not just any decorations, but ones made from footballs. This isn’t the best shot – I snapped it with my smartie phone just before she moved on, still, you get the idea..


See the little bouquet of daisies? Don’t they look so cute in that “football” vase?

Ah, but last is the best idea of them all. One so stunning that all women, at least in America, must be kicking themselves for NOT thinking of this…


Cheese curls served in a cut-in-half, spray painted football. What’s not to love?

And so to sum, as Martha Stuart I am not, I would venture a guess that many of you women who are Martha Stuart-types are right now searching through your husband’s sports locker, looking for that spare football so you can cut it in half, spray paint it and serve up all your guests for the event of the year.

Just make sure it’s not signed.

my disclaimer: I’m sorry Rachel – I really  love your show. Really, I do!

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gotta laugh…

As much as I would love to write a good long post, thanking all of you for the sweet and wonderful comments, my wrist is demanding rest and so, I thought, why not share just another picture of Maggie and Bella from this week.

I call them “Thing One” and “Thing Two.”


May you find such comfort and warmth.

My best to all of you-


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my second life, revisited…

For those who’ve visited in the recent past, you may have read my two posts where I likened the process of creating a blog to shuffling boxes around in a giant empty warehouse and making space for all my readers. For any who missed it you can see them here:


Six months – could it really already be the long since it all began?

Six months of trial and growth, changes and surprises. I just thought I’d take this moment to reflect on where I find myself today.

Lonely, I suppose works. It feels a bit empty in my warehouse and most days, the coffee cups are untouched, the chairs unused. Still, I appreciate each of you who’ve visited, each precious comment on both this site and my other, letters to rosa.

A dear friend and confidante stepped away from her blog a few weeks past and it just hasn’t been the same without her. I still keep T’resa’s widget on my side bar. I still keep hoping she’ll come back. Now another is facing major life changes and well… she’s assured me that we’ll keep in touch.

I find a flicker of hope with each new blogger that sweeps in and hits my “follow” button. Then an arctic blast snuffs that flicker out when they never return. I keep writing, posting and hoping.

Last night I hit one of those empty chairs and looked around to make an assessment of all the time and energy it takes to maintain these two blogs. I weighed the pros and cons of continuing. I know I’ve become a better writer for blogging and that I’ve developed and grown. I’ve made some dear friends, and watched them simply walk away. Perhaps, being a newbie, I trusted a bit too much.

It’s all make-believe, after all. This isn’t real- it’s a cyber world.

I suppose there’s no way for you all to know how hard it’s been for me to reach out, to leave a comment and hope you’ll take it the right way. I am a hermit in the truest sense. It takes a lot to get this ol’ gal down this mountain road – just ask my real life friends. They all know, they’ll see Sue again come Spring.

I’ve read your posts. I comment on them frequently. It just feels like no one’s settled in here. I can’t predict who’ll visit and who will simply ignore that new post notification.

When I finally fell asleep last night – and yes, it was quite late, I felt ready to pull the plug on this echoey warehouse. I had asked myself – was this the best use of my time? It takes a few hours to edit and put together a post, read and comment on other’s – checking in daily and responding. Am I ready to return to my hermited space and launch into my writing without all these distractions?

Perhaps, but then my two dogs go and do something so damn cute and I just have to share…


ah, well, I guess I’m still debating.

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the sounds of mid-winter…

No  pics this time, just thought I’d give you an audio of mid-winter in Vermont.

It’s cold again. An arctic blast has pushed down from Canada into my mountains, driving everyone  indoors. But if you were to venture outside, this is what you’d hear…

The snap of wood shrinking; a deafening rapport that sends shivers down your spine.

The crunch of snow underfoot. Under the onslaught of these temperatures, light powder is transformed into sharp crystals that protest when you walk.

The clicking of branches overhead as a breeze sends frozen limbs crashing against each other. It just sounds cold.

The whir-whir-whirring as the car engine protests, then a low chugging as it gives in and starts.

Your breath, as you try not to inhale too deeply.

Your cough when you do.

And when you finally venture down the mountain road and hurry, feet crunching over the snow, breath catching in great gasps into the local corner market, you’ll hear voices, all saying the same thing…

“Brrrr-  it’s wicked cold out theyah…”


Stay warm my friends,


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Sue and Karen’s grand new adventure…

And see, I’ve been remiss in highlighting a dear friend’s recent accomplishment. Karen Sturtevant has launched her new picture book, “Gert, Stu and Zippy too” and it’s a wonder.

Okay, I was involved with this project – I’ll admit to doing the illustrations. But it was her story, her characters and I was simply helping her bring them to life a bit.

So, for any and all interested, I’d like to share a snippet from Karen and a link to her new website. This book is great for parents and grandparents of young children.


Welcome to The Adventures of Gert & Stu and Zippy Too!
One Box, Three Friends, A Pinch of Imagination, and A Bit of Magic Bring Grand
Adventures Every Time.
All parents know how a cardboard box can quickly become their child’s favorite toy.  Gert and Zippy are thrilled to have Stu, a new friend, join them in their make-believe using Gert’s adventure box.  What happens when they land in a strange world and the box gets eaten by a dragon?  How will they get home?  Using creativity, a bouncy rhyme, and Zippy’s magical bubble pipe, these characters delight us with their story of friendship and remind us to appreciate the wonder of a child’s imagination.
Climb in and close your eyes, we’re ready for our next adventure… 
You are cordially invited to visit Gert’s new website. You can find it at:
And, as we’re talking about supporting indie writers, why not click over to visit Teresa at She has a link on her sidebar where you can purchase her book Belly Button Blues.  Tell her you said “hi!” and ask her to come back to blogging.  She, like Karen, needs our support.
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A simple joy…

In the midst of a harried, somewhat depressing week, I found time for one of my greatest, yet simplest of joys.

I went skiing.

Not downhill at some high-falooten ski area where the flatlanders wear matching outfits and drop wads of cash…

Not cross-country skiing at some resort where they have groomed trails… that’d be too uppity for this old gal…

No, we’re talking about a quick trip down the mountain road to Casey’s Hill.

There were sliders galore and color on that hill, but it’s the long, rambling field that beckoned – the one with the solitary ski trail that marked another’s passage.

And so, here for you are just a few pics I snapped with my smartie phone. I hope you can feel my joy.


Casey’s Hill is just behind me – stretching out is a lovely rolling hill the locals hay in the summer…


Gotta take a break and catch my breath. A month recovering from back pain has put this lady a bit out of shape…


Heading back – that small hump in the foreground is Casey’s Hill. The huge white mountain just behind is Mt. Mansfield, the tallest peak in Vermont. I live just up the mountain Road in the foothills of that hummer…

I hope you all find a moment to indulge in your favorite past-time, your simple joy. I’ve found it to be the best medicine to what ails you…

(If you’d like, I wrote a post about Casey’s Hill. You can see it at: and yes, those are my two darlings waving from the top).

My love to all of you!


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A Haiku for Sue…

So, as you can see from my sidebar, I follow a Japanese Haiku artist: Ashi Akira. Every day throughout the fall, he posted some of the most delightful poetry that I couldn’t wait to read… so when he mysteriously vanished and the poems simply stopped, after 11 days of cyber-silence I just had to ask-

“Ashi? Are you there? Are you okay?”

He had, in fact, just returned from 10 days in the hospital. An asthma attack nearly took his life, but he was home and recuperating.

He posted a short story and told of his brush with death. Don’t tell me there aren’t angels out there. I won’t believe you. The taxi driver that picked him up at 2:00 am must have had wings beneath his coat…

I’m so glad he’s back and posting his delightful Haiku’s once again, but you can imagine my enjoyment, my absolute delight when he left this for me:

“From near-death to life
Back to see New Year’s Day and
Smile of Vermont girl”

Would you look at that? My very own Haiku!!

So, here’s to you, Ashi Akira. May 2013 bring health, happiness and lots of time for new poetry.

I am, after all, a greedy “girl.”


You can find his link at: or  follow the link on the sidebar. Tell him the Vermont gal said hello!

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okay, this is REDUNKULOUS!

So, I’m sorry that I’m once again talking about the weather, but this will NOT be the last time, I promise.

Two pictures are all I need – two that illustrate the words “brutal winter” too well.

I’ll let them do the talking…


Would you believe we got another 6 inches after this storm?

How about there’s more on the way this weekend?


This is the outside temp measured in my car – and yes, that reads sixteen BELOW zero-

a veritable hotspot as a neighbor’s house registered 27 below last night!

Seriously?! What’s up with that?

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Happy Newey Day!

No pics with this post and sorry for that. Just a simple wishing everyone a wonderful New Year. Here’s to 2013: may it bring prosperity, fulfillment of dreams, health and love. I just want you all to know how much you’ve touched this Vermont gal.

I’ll send you off with the greeting my kids coined as youngsters.

Happy Newey Day.



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