Martha Stuart, I am not…

Well, another Christmas has come and gone at the Bahr household. Family members are returning home and the kids are playing with playdough and coloring in their new coloring books.  Even at 16 and 14, both girls still cannot resist the lure of new toys!

I know you’ve all so many stories to tell, pics to share and I can’t wait for them to start rolling into my reader. For now, I thought I’d share with you a few of my own.


My hubbie so wanted this Christmas to be special. He worked extra hard on decorating our scrawny home-grown Christmas tree we plucked from the yard. Delicate, like lace, the limbs could barely stand the weight of a simple ornament. Not to fear – he used some wire to support those tiny twigs. I told him he should’ve used a blankie – like Linus in Charlie Brown’s Christmas. He turned that pathetic tree into an amazing piece of glory with just a little love!

I was treated with a blank stare.

What? Geesh, I was just trying to be helpful…

He also wanted sugar cookies – the kind you roll out and cut into shapes. Grand and glorious plans that man had in mind. And so, ever the dutiful wife, I somewhat followed a recipe, stuck the dough in the fridge thinking it seemed a bit tough… Alas, something when terribly wrong and the whole caboodle ended up in the garbage.

I was treated with a  disappointed sigh.

What? I used a recipe! Kinda…

My kids know I make a tasty pie, if not a bit… well, un-uniformly. I run out of patience when it comes to crimping that silly edge and the top? Who cares if the basket weave is perfect and the lattice cut in equal lengths? They eat it anyways! And I tell them as such. Now they call them “Mom’s ugly pies…”

No photos – these things are just TOO ugly…


And don’t get me started on wrapping. I hate wrapping. For whatever reason, I end up doing the bulk of it. Ah, but payback came this year when I messed up and wrapped my hubbie’s and the girls socks together. Oops! And so, I embrace my hatred and wrap things as I feel like. Like this beauty – our nephew’s new fishing pole. See the reel?

Martha Stuart really has nothing to worry about. I won’t be replacing her any time soon.


For those of you who were alone this holiday – I felt a special connection. Here is the candle I lit just for you. I hope you found some joyful moments….



My love to all of you-


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14 thoughts on “Martha Stuart, I am not…

  1. You speak for all of us non-Marthas. Well said! 


    • Oh, Karen, you are too humble! I’m sure your house was beautifully decorated, all warm and cozy and your presents were perfect! Hope you had a wonderful holiday, my friend.

  2. free penny press

    Well, you might be impressed I actually made some sugar cookies.. from scratch. First time ever as I am no baker..
    I love your pretty and sparkly!!! Now we are off to the New year and I have it on good authority it will be wonderful for us all!!!

    • And those cookies looked YUMMY! Too funny that my half-hearted attempt ended up in the trash! Hope you can focus on your next adventure – a “date” on New Year’s Eve. Now you can regale all of us stick in the muds with all the details! Please???

  3. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    Hello, my friend. Lovely photos–you captured the love when you gave us a glimpse of your guy. And the girls playing with play doh? I wish I’d been there with them. Since you can’t make decent cookies, you should try the eezee play doh recipe that I have on my site–all you have to do is boil water and measure the ingredients–maybe the girls could make it. I love that your pies are ugly. I have a great cookbook–Country Desserts by Lee Bailey. All of the yummy desserts are lopsided and look like something that would come out of Gramma’s kitchen. If you follow the recipes precisely, they come out so scrumptious. I used to have all of his lovely cookbooks, but I sold them (except for Country Desserts) when we were strapped for cash. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your family life. It’s what I’ve been waiting for.

    • That’s too funny about the desserts looking lopsided! I thought I was the only one that couldn’t make things look pretty! Ah well, it’s how they taste, right? As to the recipe- I’ll give it a try next time the girls are bored. I used to make it from scratch when they were little – their favorite part was choosing the colors to work into the white dough! good times, good times…
      Seems as though I’m not ready for the next phase of parenting – watching my kids grow and begin to make plans to leave for college (my oldest will be 17 soon – that I cannot believe!). I wish they would stay young just a little longer… I’d post pics but they won’t let me… or if they will someday, they have to approve them first (this from kids who have ten million pics on facebook!)
      Stay well, T’resa- and thanks for the words of encouragement. I love your comments.

      • Teresa Cleveland Wendel

        My son doesn’t want me to post pics of his fam on my site either.

        The grandguys love mixing the colors in the play doh too. By the time they’re done dripping in the coloring, it’s all a putrid puce.

        The next phase of your life will be wonderful beyond your imagining. Just let the girls go when they’re ready, and give advice only when asked for. And the best advice I can give is, even if it’s hard at first, find something to love about whoever they choose to love.

      • thanks so much T’resa for the heartfelt advice – I will remember it! It’s hard to let go – watch them grow up and make their preparations to leave. It’s hard not to feel their pain. It’s hard to give them wings…
        It must be so amazing to have grandchildren – how special is that bond!
        I hope you have a wonderful day today, T’resa. Please know I’m thinking about you…

  4. Loved reading about your Christmas, Sue. Thought your Christmas tree turned out great (good job by your husband). Things around here were pretty mellow. Did some baking … well, I baked one thing: peanut butter blossoms. They’re my favorite Christmas cookie. This year they turned out extra good. Perhaps that was because my sweet little granddaughter who’s two years old helped me out 🙂 As for wrapping, I’m the worst. I always apologize to those who get gifts I wrapped. Yeah, it’s that bad.

  5. Hey, I thought your husband did a great job on the tree. Looks very nice. I also did some baking this year. Well, ok, I just baked some of my favorite Christmas cookies: peanut butter blossoms. I think this year was my best batch ever. Most likely this was because my sweet granddaughter, who’s two, helped me out 🙂 As for wrapping, I am the worst. I always apologize to those unfortunate enough to receive presents I wrapped. Yeah, it’s that bad. Fortunately, my wife does most of the wrapping, and she does a great job.

    Thanks for letting us see a little bit of this year’s Bahr family Christmas …

    • yeah – he did. It was a wonderful Christmas – a very comfortable one as my kids are well trained to expect cookies to not be so good, pies to be ugly and wrapping to be… well… you know!
      Sounds like you’ve made some wonderful memories with your grand daughter – how very sweet!
      My best to you and your family!

  6. Life is GOOD isn’t it! Loved this one too friend

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