My second life… part one.

In the midst of a poor night’s sleep, I had a revelation. Gravatars and wordpress – my blog has become my “Second Life.” Please allow me to paint a picture – and know, I’m really not crazy!

When I first decided to blog, it felt like I was driving down a long, deserted stretch of road. You know the kind – broken concrete with weeds growing up from the cracks and everywhere I looked there were derelict warehouses. I pulled up to my designated spot and turned off the car.

I’d asked for the code to enter, but felt such foreboding. Open this Pandora’s box? Create a website where others can comment, attack or worse- ignore? Just what the hell was I doing? I didn’t belong here – I’m a country girl, for crying out loud. They’ll eat me alive.

I blew a breath and steadied my nerves. Isn’t this what all writers are supposed to do? Create a “platform”, find buyers for the stupid publishers  who might produce my book someday? I’d heard it all and had enough – it was time to end my self-imposed  exile and reach out to others.

The door was massive – rusty and gross. This? This was to be my new home? I’d been promised privacy and safety. WordPress provided the shell and here I would build my second life.

The code worked without a hitch. The door slid open on newly oiled hinges and I stepped inside a massive, cavernous empty space.

“Hello?” I called out, though I knew no one was there.  A silly instinct, but my nerves were threatening to send me running.

A single bare bulb lit the center and I approached. No walls, just boxes scattered around the space would be my building materials. Themes and widgets to create a  blog that would draw others in – it was up to me to write the posts that would keep them coming.

My sneakers made a shuffling noise as I began arranging those boxes to make a room. I’d call it “down the mountain road” eventually. Like every new house, it needed constant re-arranging to make it feel familiar. I’d write about my novel, garner some insight from all my wonderful reader’s comments and then I’d strike out – well, more like, peek around, my neighbor’s warehouses and see who was home.

It was a learning curve. The boxes just didn’t provide enough cheer. So I added more content- humor where possible and eventually they came. A quick hello from a woman in Ireland, wishing me well with my novel and promising to share special spots to see when I finally arrived for a visit to her native land. Her comment added a dash of color to my space – like a wonderful painting I could now hang on one of my rough walls. More came and added their touches.

I began following. Learning the lingo of wordpress. Learning that when I gave to others, they gave back.

I moved things around and added a big, overstuffed chair. Now it felt comfortable, more like home, but something was missing. As much as I loved this blog, just outside my temporary walls was a vast warehouse; dark, rough and untouched and just beckoning for me to explore.

please stayed tuned for the next installment…

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12 thoughts on “My second life… part one.

  1. free penny press

    I love how you are comparing your Blog with places and rooms in your life.. yes, we need rto re-arrange, an allow fresh breezes in so we stay recharged and open to learn.
    great post Miss Susan!!!

    • Why thank you, Miss Lynne! what a weird dream I had last night… and yet most of my writing seems to come from that place. Inspiration as such, strikes where it wills!

  2. Exactly! You nailed it! This blogging experience is like walking into a room, and needing to add and rearrange things all the time. Paint, wallpaper, and then re-do. The whole experience. Looking forward to the next part!

  3. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    What a great introduction to the frightening cyber world for newbies, yet you show them that you can learn to arrange the room.

  4. I feel the same way.Scared to put anything in cyber world for fear that it isn’t accepted.Love this Sue and thanks for showing it to me.I don’t even know how I got here really but I am pushing that button up there so I can read more.

    • Glad you found me – never sure if these links are going to work! I know all about that fear – still, I’ve found such treasured friends through this cyber world – what an amazing group of diverse, talented wonderful people – you included!

      • I feel the same way about you,Sue.I am not to smart about computer things don’t even know how to link something but I sure feel like I have made friends and I am so thankful for all of you.

      • I feel the same way about you,Sue.I am not to smart about computer things don’t even know how to link something but I sure feel like I have made friends and I am so thankful for all of you.

      • I’m learning something new everyday – mostly, I’m thankful for the wonderful people I’m meeting on this bold new adventure – like you, too, Liz!

  5. me

    Man, totally transported me back to my early days. Great post, going to read part 2 now!

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