Awards, pretty and sweet…

With all the hustle of the holiday, I’ve been remiss in accepting and passing along two wonderful awards. Ok, in all fairness, one came to Down the Mountain Road and the other to Letters To Rosa. Still, in celebration of the spirit of the joyful season upon which we now embark (and no, I don’t mean hunting season), I would like to give my love to the two wonderful bloggers who nominated me and pass along these sweet shout-outs to others who’re far more deserving.


Isn’t that pretty?

And to Eunice, one of my newer friends at A fellow New Englander who’s got a heart of gold and one who shares such beauty with her photos and her words. Thanks for this nomination:

And isn’t this sweet?

To both, I say, thank you. I am humbled and tickled pink. To these two dear cyber-friends, I’d like to send out a heartfelt thanks. You’re in my thoughts tonight and I’m wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving and upcoming holiday season.

Now, onto the nominations because this really is the best part.

For the Reader appreciation award:

A new blogger and one that I know very well as she is my daughter – Miss WordBird over at keep going, you’re such a good writer!

A wonderful, non-muggle yarnster who has enlightened and entertained me over the past week. She’s brought cheer to an otherwise stressful week with her synchronized yarn dancing and enlightened this old gal as to the importance of technology (so THAT’s how the photographers take such great pictures). Check her out at

And to an American spending a year abroad; her adventures with floor numbering, shopping limitations and mixed up words, because she lets me arm-chair travel and takes me through a country I would love to see one day. And now, I’ll know to pack my own Skippy peanut butter. Swing on by and give her a hello:

As to the super-sweet award, I’d like to nominate the following:

Pauline. You know this is coming. Yup, I keep throwing these things at my Irish knitting cyber-buddy. Sorry. Just had to because she’s such a kick, so amazingly smart and sassy and had such a hard week. You deserve this, girl, just know other’s need to see and read your wonderful posts… She can be found at:

To Denise, a wonderful blogger who’s set up a daunting task – publish a post a day for a month. She’s a better woman than I – and not just because of this… but because she manages to share so much of herself with such daring, though she would never think of it that way. Check her out at

And finally, but not in any way the least… to Kim at A mom, a writer, a blogger who’s about to have her story published. Hooray for you, Kim! I really do believe that when one of us succeeds, we all succeed.

And so to sum, I must tell you a few things about Sue.

1) I have hazel eyes.

2) All the popular girls in my high school had blue eyes.

3) I hated all the popular girls in my high school.

4) I am the product of bullying.

5) Because of this, I homeschooled both my girls.

6) Yup, all the way through high school. Well, almost, the oldest is a junior.

As I wrap up this post, I want to wish you all a simple blessing.

May your days be filled with joy.


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9 thoughts on “Awards, pretty and sweet…

  1. Just sent you an email, don’t know if it worked. Thank you so much for the award, it’s super extra sweet, and I love it.

    I’m sad that you were bullied though … unfortunately bullying is still part of our schools, (I couldn’t watch the movie Bully) but the tide seems to be turning, especially here in Canada so many girls, and boys have committed suicide or run away as a result of it that we’re seeing more and more kids, and adults standing up to the mental abuse, and often time physical abuse. Hopefully, one day this form of torture will be a thing of the past. Lots of love.

    This time I will take more my time with the award, and check out some little lonely soul that needs a bit of lovin’ like I received not too long ago. 😉


    • silly billy. Check out your comments on your newest post, Kim. I left a message for you there.
      As to the bullying… creepy stuff when it’s your teacher doing it… as my oldest found out this fall when she signed up for a math class at the local school and got caught in the teacher’s cross hairs. What a creep. It was SO satisfying when she simply dropped his stupid class.

  2. You are very welcome

  3. Sue,
    You are super-sweet for thinking of me. Your encouraging comments help me hit the “publish” button. I’m looking forward to checking out the other nominees too. 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for nominating my blog for a reward. I’m glad I’m able to allow you to arm-chair travel Ireland. And thank you for the warm wishes- I did enjoy my Thanksgiving.

    • Your very welcome. I have to admit, you pulled on my mother’s heart with your last post. Any holiday away from home is tough. I wish you the best and thanks for showing me your perspective on Ireland. (I still love your post on their odd way of numbering floors…)

  5. Thank you so much for the nomination! Knowing I have entertained even a single person with my posts makes it all worth while 🙂

    • You deserve it – if just for the care and craft in your posts! And that you can make people laugh? Priceless. My best to you and congratulations!

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