a Vermont salutation…

This time of year there really is only one way to greet a fellow Vermonter. Four succinct words summarize the dominant thought, the driving force, the collective subconscious. Walk into any convenience store, hardware or otherwise; grocery store, whether large or small and you will, undoubtedly, catch this phrase more than once.

Git yur deer yet?

Every fall it becomes a substitute salutation. No longer will you hear, “Hi” or “How ya doin?”

So you won’t be tagged a flatlandah, why not be the first to offer up these words? Throw that old-timer off guard by being in the know. Show ’em you’ve been around these parts long enough to understand the Vermont vernacular, even if you don’t condone huntin and would never kill Bambi.

Impress ’em with your vast knowledge, even though you won’t be able to understand their response.

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4 thoughts on “a Vermont salutation…

  1. free penny press

    My daughter goes hunting with my Son-in-law and she is a real Calamity Jane. Killed 2 last year and he just killed on a few days ago.. Now I know what to say to them 🙂

  2. So from one hunting family to another…did ya git yur deer yet? 🙂

    • Not yet- at least as far as I know neither brother nor father have! Need some snow – maybe for thanksgiving. Hope you have a great holiday and yur family has good aim!

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