flatline stats and warm hugs, The Finale…

Thanks for stopping by and here is the rest of the story…

To Nutshells and Mosquito Wings… I love this woman’s style, love her blog and always crave more. Her recent post on the upcoming NaNoWriMo (national write a novel in a month – adults have a minimum word count of 50,000, anyone under 18 can set their own count) made me literally laugh. So delightful, I can just imagine her sitting at her computer in the dead of the night, fifteen half empty cups of coffee scattered about the table and her caught up in the drama of her story…

Here is but a snippet of her post:

“NaNo isn’t about getting published.  It’s about writing.  There’s a difference.  NaNo is about freeing yourself to write exactly what you want. It’s about proving to yourself that you can finish a novel.  It’s about discovering if you’ve got what it takes to push through the long dark tea time of your creative soul* to make it to “the end”.  Bright and shiny ideas are so easy to come by.  Wonderful first chapters flow easily from the fingertips.  It gets harder and harder, the rock you’re rolling uphill heavier and heavier, the doubts louder and louder as the words pile up.  NaNo is about persistence in the face of failure, because it’s so easy to mistake that smelly, incoherent, steaming pile of a first draft for a failure, if you stop to think about it.  NaNo is about not thinking. Thinking comes later, in December.

Why fight the irresistible lure that is NaNo?  Don your unwashed, up-all-night, wired-on-Snickers writer persona, and join me, if you dare.”

Tempting now, isn’t it?


I’m going to skip Ashi Akira’s blog and put him last. You’ll know why in a moment.


To Denise at Just as I Am… how incredible that she wrote about fear this week. Here’s a bit for you:

“It isn’t only in writing that fear rears it’s ugly head in my life.  I really don’t like writing that.  I like to think that I am a strong person.  Writing that sentence makes me feel weak.

I’ve thought about all the different areas that fear has influenced/influences me over the course of my life.

I’ve been a people pleaser, I’ve feared confrontation, I’ve feared ridicule for what I believe in and who I am.  I’ve feared getting hurt.  Fear of the unknown, I like a plan.

Some of those fears come back to haunt me now and then.  Sigh.”

Then she goes on about how she tackles that fear. Wonderful how much strength I drew from her words. Thank you Denise, for being SO courageous…


Ah, and on to my cyber-buddy in Ireland… Pauline over at paulineoknits… You’ve no idea how much she’s made me love Monday mornings. As this bold Irish lady says, she only posts once a week, on Mondays (see my comments when she’s late!). This past week, she took me into downtown Dublin and shared photos of Christchurch (a building over a thousand years old), risked her life to snap a pic of Parliament from the middle of the road and confessed to not liking “wiggling” seafood. That sparked a bantering round of comments which ended with me agreeing to 1) visiting Ireland (a hardship, really) and 2) trying out their “yummy Irish fish.”

We’ll leave the ‘wiggling” food to my dear, sweet hubby.


Ready to continue? Maybe go grab a spot of tea…

You back? Great, because we’ve only just a few more.


To Judith over at Myths and Musings. I loved reading her take on NaNO. How cool to have two diametrically opposite viewpoints on that program all in the same week. Here is but a taste for you…

“… In my mind, the second novel was brilliant.  It had everything–battles, romance, drama, and angst.  Thankfully, for me, my friends are brutally honest.  ‘We don’t care.  We got tired of the battles.  The romance didn’t grab us, and your writing wasn’t its best.’  I went back and rewrote, pitched some things, polished others.  It was better, but nothing to brag about.  By now, even I could see that.  When you first give birth to your masterpiece, all you feel is the afterglow.  Give it a minute, and it spits up with cholic and keeps you awake at night.  Then reality sets in.  This novel might be too flawed to fix.

And that’s my problem with speed writing.  I tend be the tortoise, not the hare.  My brain doesn’t work fast.  I’ll never win a debate.  I think of the perfect answer a few days after the discussion.  So for me, the plodding method works better.”

Much as I like to believe I could do NaNo – I’m with you, Judith. I’m just too slow (this post has taken the better part of the day!)


To Lynne at Free Penny Press, a woman who writes with her soul. Her recent post, a response to a writing prompt was so beautiful, so eloquent and moving. Haven’t we all lost our smiles at one time or another?

“Smiling was natural as breathing until my world started to shift on its axis. (Losing love and trust were the culprits.) With the shift, my smile started a downward slide soon to be nothing but a flat line.It starts out as a half-way smile, just a bit of white teeth showing that feels forced, plastic like. It did not happen overnight this gravitational shift of facial muscles but was years in the making.”

And her comments? Delightful, thoughtful and moving. Thanks, Lynn, for sharing…


To Stega’s jewlery blog – I’m so glad you’re on the mend. So glad to see your pep return. So funny and wonderful how much joy beading brings to you my cyber-friend. Your blog is a good reminder to be true to our passions. Happiness flows outward when we share…


And finally, to Ashi Aikra, a Japanese Haiku poet. A simple question I posed sparked incredible revelations. All I did was wonder what a ginkgo nut tasted like. I’ll finish this long-winded post with his words. They cut through my complaining, belly aching, clueless worries this week and I’m so glad he shared..

“I’m sure you wouldn’t like the smell but some insects do. It’s very like that of breaking wind. But strangely the smell is totally replaced with fragrance and the nut tastes very good when the outer skin is removed and roasted. Very nutritious too, and had it not for that gift from nature I might not have been here today. During the years of the hardship the ordinary Japanese people got through during and after the war, I was still a little kid and was separated from my parents to evacuate my home city that might be destroyed by air raids and was sent to a mountainous area. Food was scarce there and we kids were starving. Then I instinctively knew the ginkgo nuts were edible and ate them, closing my eyes to the smell. Besides the nuts, I caught and ate frogs, wasp larvae, silkworm chrysalis, etc. It makes me sad that millions upon millions of kids are living like that or even under much worse condition on the globe today. It’s only because of the greed of a handful of people. Thank you as always for reading my stuff.”

I have no more complaints.

And thanks for indulging in a really, way too long post.

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2 thoughts on “flatline stats and warm hugs, The Finale…

  1. free penny press

    Part 2 of my comment.. more great reads for me to scope out!!
    thanks again!!

    • I love checking out the blogrolls on other’s blogs (boy, does that sound strange), what a great way to find new sites and incredible treasures. Love Six Degrees… what a great idea!

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