An amazing piece of history…

newly released 1940 census – from Northfield

I realize this image is blurry and unreadable, but to me it’s an amazing piece of my family history. Listed on this one page from the 1940 census is the following: on the top is Henry and Rosa Blaine, my great-grandparents, a few lines down is Freddie Drinkwine and his family (Rosa’s brother and clan), and down from there is Henry and Mary Ferry – my grandparents. Below them is Henry Ferry, my dad.


There’s a good reason I moved from Northfield. Our family desperately needed a new gene pool to tap from…


Now, onto another amazing thing.

I would like to thank Stephanie Gregg for passing the love and nominating this blog for an award. You can find her blog on writing at: and I encourage you to do so. She is a self-published writer with a bit of Scotland running through her blood. I wish anyone well who’s trying to make a go of writing in this cluttered, crowded cyberworld!

And I would like to nominate the following blogs. Please check them out! a Dubliner with an incredible gift. If you knit or have ever even tried, be prepared to be awed. This woman has elevated knitting to an art. This is a writers site. Anyone who writes, wants to write, wishes to write better, should visit Judith’s blog. She has created thought-provoking posts and gives feedback on her reader’s comments. Another wonderful writer with amazing insights – I enjoy her posts and encourage you to check this out!

now onto the seven things about Susan…

I’m a writer. I’m an artist. I cannot sing. I have two lovely daughters, both are my heart and soul. My husband is my life. I hate snow and winter and live in a snowbelt. I am a foolish woman….

With accepting this award, copy the sunflower and post it on your blog, nominate 3 other bloggers, and tell us 7 things about yourself.

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10 thoughts on “An amazing piece of history…

  1. Thank you, Susan! I appreciate your kind mention and am grateful that you enjoy my blog.

  2. Karen

    My mother gave me an in-depth family tree compilation (researched by her mother) going back hundreds of years. I agree with you: seeing your family linked to others and you is pretty amazing. Interesting characters on some of those branches. One of the more eye-opening facts I learned is that my 10th great grandmother was Margaret Scott, one of the so called witches in Salem, Massachusetts in the late 1690s. Accused, tried, convicted, hanged, and later exonerated.

    • Isn’t that amazing! How can anyone not want to know this stuff! so glad you have this – what a treasure and a gift for future generations. I once heard a geneaologist say, there should always be at least one person that keeps the family stories. Great that you had one…

    • Karen, you have some amazing history! Genealogy is fascinating! As a librarian I strongly encourage you to use the resources available at your local library if you run into roadblocks. Good luck with future research!

  3. I love the idea of the Reader Appreciation Award and passing it on to others! Fabulous idea! Congratulations, Susan!

  4. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    My parents are hoarding all the family documents (at least I hope they are). I guess we have to wait ’til they die to unearth them.
    You’re a foolish woman?

    • My dad was the keeper of all things photographic. I begged him this summer to please bring the boxes so we could go through them. When he asked again what he should bring to our barbeque, I said “photos” he said, “potatos?”

      We, my brothers and I, had a blast digging through those boxes – found old report cards, and photos we didn’t even know existed. That’s been a treasure trove and has driven letters to Rosa. So… Teresa – maybe it’s time to beg for those boxes?

      I dare you.

  5. Congrats on the award, I can’t wait to visit your nominated friends…I long to meet new interesting people. So glad I bumped into you :). Kisses and congrats.

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