Not Irish, but Scottish!

pictured from left to right: Frankie Blair; his dad (my great-grandfather) Henry Blair;

Henry’s brother, Newell Blair; and Newell’s new wife, Lizzie

So I had an opportunity to speak with a sister of a friend the other day, one visiting from England and one that works in genealogy, and I asked her about the Blair name and did she know what country it came from.

Scottish, she thought. Then she paused. Definitely, Scottish.

But what about Irish?

No, the Blair’s in Ireland would’ve come from Scotland.

What if they spoke French and came from Canada?

She smiled, but it was sad. The Scottish were allied with France, she continued, and many spoke French. They went to France to escape the Highland Clearances that happened in the mid- 1700’s.  Many headed to Canada from there.

Enus Blair, my great, great, great, great grandfather was born in 1794 in Canada. I can go no further back.

The Clearances, she said, were troubling times. One where families fled poverty, death or internment. Most left no records behind.

Ah, I said and thanked her.

I may never know where Enus’ family came from.

But from the sound of it, they came from Scotland.


I’d like to invite you to explore another blog where I reflect on my family’s life in rural Vermont in the form of a letter to my Great-Gran, Rosa Blair. You can find it at:

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2 thoughts on “Not Irish, but Scottish!

  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    I’m Scottish too! I think it’s wonderful that you’re chronicling all of your family stories. It’s inspired me to do the same. Someday. Not tomorrow.

  2. I hope you do, Teresa, you’re a wonderful writer. I love your stories.

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