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This blog focuses on rural Vermont, its people and their traditions. I live in a town ripe with Irish history, a state whose railroads and quarries were worked by the Irish. Whenever I can, I’ll share their history, because I am still a mad fanatic of all things Irish.

And… because I’m just not busy enough, I’d like to invite you to explore another blog where I reflect on my family’s history in the form of  personal letters to my Great-Gran, Rosa Blair. You can find it at: http://letterstorosa.wordpress.com

Thanks for stopping by.


37 thoughts on “Home

  1. Laura Fedelia

    That looks like the perfect place to sit and let the muse inspire you.

    • Susan Bahr

      Isn’t this photo beautiful? My brother and sister-in-law took a boat out to Dun Aengus located on the Cliffs of Inishmore. Incredible that someone would build a fort in such a wicked place!

  2. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    How does a woman who grew up in rural Vermont end up writing a novel about Ireland?

    • Passion for learning, ability to read, and a over-reaching imagination. Also, my husband’s Irish!
      Much of Vermont was settled by the famine Irish – they built the railroads, mined the quarries, created churches.

      The novel came from a dream – with a bit of research I found ancient Ireland was the perfect setting.

  3. Captivating photo.

    • Laura Fedelia

      beautiful photo Susan, how goes the burning of the midnight oil?

  4. Hi Laura- the oil is gone, the birdie has left the nest… and I am exhausted but hopeful! I put around 65 hours into editing my manuscript and sent if off on Tuesday.

    And you, my wonderful friend… I hear your back to school. Don’t have enough on your plate with raising children? I wish you well, strength and … fun! Great stuff, learning. Can never get enough of it.

  5. I am an avid reader and all too willing to add another author to my list. I’ll be watching this blog.

    • Thank you – that means a lot to me. I’m waiting, barely able to breathe, for word from an editor at a small press who recently requested my full manuscript…

  6. Delighted to meet you, Susan! I wish you all the best with your manuscript, and hope to hear that you’ll be visiting Ireland soon to celebrate. Let me know when you’re on your way, I can tell you about some lovely out-of-the-way spots to explore… I’ll be posting some photos taken in Slane soon (as a setting for a few of my designs) -you might like the atmosphere there, for example! Slan go foill, Pauline

    • Thank you Pauline – so wonderful the path that’s unfolding. It’s also wonderful meeting new people, exploring their interests through blogging. I must admit, I’m hooked! My best to you!

  7. Good luck with your novel. Hope the wait is short before you hear good news. Ireland seems like the perfect place to write about a touch of magic. May the leprechauns lead to a writing pot of gold.

  8. Love the photo it looks like such a peaceful place

  9. Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award. It’s a lot of work to accept it, and I noted on my site that not everyone would want to take the time to do this. But I hope more people find your blog. It’s lovely.

    • Thank you – to anyone who sees these comments, please check out the blogger’s sites – they are wonderful reads…

  10. What a terrific surprise to hear you’ve illustrated a book. I didn’t know you we’re an artist. How marvelous.

    I will check out the link. Best wishes to you and the author, Sue!

    • Thanks! It was a fun summer and I learned so much tackling this project. Karen is a true sweet-heart and gem of a person. I can’t imagine anyone better to write for children.

      • It’s pretty exciting to see your name on the front of a book! Is it your first? I see you are in the progress of writing a couple.

      • Yup – this is my first. Another friend is self-publishing her novel (should be available soon) and hired me to paint the cover. What a blast, too! I’ve been working on my mighty young adult Irish Epic for nearly 3 years… am taking a break to work on a simpler story based loosely on Enos’s three sons – Alexander, Newell and Louis. Three short stories tied together in one book.
        Not sure if it’ll ever see the light of day…

      • I’ve purchased a copy and can’t wait to see your illustrations up close. Congrats on this huge achievement, Sue. It’s great you’ve got work on a cover! Marvelous. Well done, you.

      • What a sweet and wonderful thing! Thank you, Lori, for your support and praise. It really means a lot.

  11. This is so tranquil and perfect! For information on Entertainment/Current News, please feel free to check out and follow my blog: opendialogue4themassess.wordpress.com

  12. What a lovely wintry picture. What is it about the sun and the snow that when juxtaposed together makes it so appealing? Is it the polarity between the two? As one cools the other warms?


    • Thank you for that lovely comment. It is amazing the colors you get with a sunset on snow. Now I’m ready for colors – like leaves and green grass and flowers. Bring on Spring!

  13. Question: where did you get that gorgeous photo of the stream in a forest? It looks exactly like the stream in my novel (in Vermont).

    • Hi Connie –
      I took it just down the road in Underhill. It’s in the state park. Lovely, huh? Feel free to use it for an illustration, or such! I’m wondering – are you on facebook? Because it would be nice to chat with you – you’re one of the wordpress bloggers that I can’t load at home (only when I’m out – must be something with this laptop’s setting). I’m under susanbahr.com or Susan Bahr in Vermont if you are interested…

      • Just friended you! And yes, I would love to use the photo. I’ve got a board on Pinterest with photos that I imagine could be Lanark Island, Vermont. And I’d love to use it on my web site too. I will give you credit if you can email it to me.

  14. I love this picture and background. Restful. I can almost hear the water rippling over rocks.

    • thanks Judith- did I mention that I can’t get onto your site when I’m home? Did I tell you how frustrating it is to be able to read your post on my phone and not be able to leave a comment? Must be something with my laptops settings.
      Just curious, are you on facebook? I now communicate my messages with another blogger that way – so nice to be able to speak with her. If you are, you can find me a susanbahr.com.
      take care!

      • Don’t know why our blogs won’t connect. I don’t get updates for yours either. Frustrating. I’ll look for you on Facebook:)

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